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Duplo DB-290 & DB-280 Main Compartment Glue (30 lbs.)

Item #: 05DUPDB280GL

This specialty perfect binding glue has been manufactured by Duplo specifically for the DB-280 and DB-290 perfect binding machines. It has been specially formulated and recently improved to provide the strongest hold available, without compromising the integrity of your book pages and cover and while retaining proper flexibility. When paired with one of these machines, this glue is dispensed perfectly for your particular application, whether it is perfect binding a soft cover book, creating pads of paper, or spine tape binding. This glue is packaged in a 30 lb. box and is meant for the main glue compartment on the DB-290, as well as the only glue compartment on the DB-280.

Qty/Pack : 1

DB-290 Glue FAQs:

Q: How many books will I get out of the glue?
The number of books you can make is called the "yield". To determine the glue yield for perfect binding books, you can use the below formula, which includes the spine dimensions of your specific books (since books can vary in size quite a bit, and yield will vary just as much). This formula is based on the main compartment capacity, which is about 9 lbs of glue, even though the glue bag is larger.

Formula:  (0.02 x book thickness x length of book spine = X), then (X ÷ 231 = Y), then (Y x 9 = Z), then (50 ÷ Z = total books)

Sample:  If I have a book that is 11" high with a 2" thick spine, I would take:
   •  0.02 x 2 x 11 = 0.44
   •  0.44 ÷ 231 = 0.00190476
   •  0.00190476 x 9 = 0.01714284
   •  50 ÷ 0.01714284 = 2,916 total books

Since your books may be a different size, simply change-out those two dimensions for your spine height and book thickness to calculate the number of your books that can be made. And remember, this yield is based on the 9 lbs of glue that the machine can hold in the main compartment, and the glue bags are sold in larger (higher pounds) bags, so will have a different overall yield.


Product Description


The DB-280 Perfect Binding & Padding Machine is a user friendly perfect binder that offers professional professional results. A double pass over the roughening cutter provides superior notching to ensure superb glue penetration for a strong finished bind. Innovative features of the DB-280 Perfect Binder & Padder include two glue drums that provide a more durable bind and additional glue capacity. With a quick push of a button, the DB-280's perfect binding capabilities can convert to a padding function where only the precise amount of glue is added to complete perfectly bound note pads. A safety cover on the notching blade ensures operator safety. Duplo DB-280 Padding Glue & Perfect Binding Adhesive is packaged in a 30 lb. box.


Item # 05DUPDB280GL
Manufacturer Duplo U.S.A.
Manufacturer Part Number DB280GL
Quantity 1
Size 30 lb.
Color Clear
Compatible Equipment Duplo DB-290 Perfect Binding Machine
Product Weight (lbs) 30
Shipping Weight (lbs) 35

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