Mobile Cart for ClipsShop CSTIDY Grommet Presses
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Mobile Cart for ClipsShop CSTIDY Grommet Presses

  • Pairs perfectly with the ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 and CSTIDY-51 grommet press machines.
  • Has four heavy duty castor wheels that offer full 360
  • Overall Dimensions: 22 1/4" W x 11" D x 4 1/4" H
  • Assembly Required: Yes [Tools Not Included]
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This mobile cart offers smooth rolling of your ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 grommet press or ClipsShop CSTIDY-51 across your work table, letting you get the machine where it needs to be, without hassle. Carefully designed, this tabletop cart is perfect for those who grommet large banners, truck covers, tarpaulins, and anything else extra large where it would be easier to glide the machine between each set point than to move the material itself.
Smooth gliding castor wheels allow for 360° rotation to get the CSTIDY from one position to the next, while locks on each wheel create a sturdy workstation when your actually applying the grommets. Your machine is mounted onto the cart for a stable and secure hold, and mounting holes allow for keeping your foot pedal* within arms reach. This grommet press mobile cart was manufactured to keep the grommet positioning as close to your worktable as possible for a seamless finish and easy lifting of your material onto the machine. It is lightweight and glides with ease. On each side are containers to carry your grommets and washers, as well as holding slots for lifting. Offering the perfect combination of stability, strength, and efficiency, the adjustable work table for the CSTIDY grommet press machine can add efficiency to your production, and a more comfortable working experience for your users.


Manufacturer Part Number8680211760355
DimensionsOverall: 22 ¼" W x 11" D x 4 ¼" H
Containers: 2 ¾" W x 5" L x 3" D
Footprint: 22 ¼" W x 11" D
Assembly RequiredYes [Tools Not Included]
Tools Needed for AssemblyAllen Wrench
Compatible EquipmentClipsShop CSTIDY-41 Grommet Press
ClipsShop CSTIDY-51 Grommet Press
Product Weight (lbs)11
Shipping Weight (lbs)12


If you need to place grommets into extra large materials, such as large signs and banners, truck covers, or tarpaulin tarps, then your manufacturing department might do well by adding this mobile cart to your production line. It pairs perfectly with the ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 and CSTIDY-51 grommet press machines. Simply mount your machine onto the cart with the included mounting accessories to create a smooth-rolling mobile grommet station.

This CSTIDY rolling cart has four heavy duty castor wheels that offer full 360° rotation, for complete mobility. When you're ready to grommet, simply lock the wheels with the easy-lock tabs to create a stable and secure workstation. Designed with your needs in mind, this grommet cart brings the press table as level to the surface it will sit on as possible. Whether you use this on the ground to work around your large tarp, or on an over-sized table to slide across your wide material, you are assured a smooth and seamless motion from one set point to the next, with a stable grommet set in-between.

This unique gliding worktable also has mounting holes on both the left and right sides for your foot pedal* to keep it within reach, without having to hassle with a loose cord. Because you can mount the pedal to either the left or right side, any operator can conveniently set grommets without having to reach over the products, risking a skewed placement. A tub on each side of the cart also provide the perfect storage for your grommets and washers, keeping them separate but easily accessible as you move.


    • Heavy Duty Wheels -- The castor wheels are heavy duty to provide the smoothest glide possible, as well as full 360° rotation to make machine placement a breeze. Each wheel individual locks in place with a snap-down tab, creating a stable and secure station for when you're ready to set your grommet.
    • Recessed Table Surface -- The recessed table brings your grommet press as close to the base as possible. With the base of your grommet setting machine closer to your material, you can avoid skewed placement and material manipulating to get it onto the setting table.
    • Mounting Brackets -- Mounting brackets attach your machine to the cart, making it more stable than any other alternative. The more stable your work surface, the more precise your placement of grommets will be.
    • Mounting Brackets for Foot Pedal -- If yours CSTIDY has a foot pedal*, you have the option of also mounting that to either the right or left side of the cart to keep it easily within reach for any left or right-handed user in your operation.
    • Built-In Container Storage -- Two buckets, one on each side of the cart, allow for storage of other accessories, such as your grommets on one side and your washers on the other. Keeping these two pieces separate, but within reach, can speed up your operation, as well as reduce hassle or frustrations.
    • Holding Slots -- Holding slots make it easy to grab and lift the cart as needed.

    *The CSTIDY-41 comes in three different versions, some of which do not come standard with the foot pedal activation option. Visit the CSTIDY-41 page for more information.

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