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Challenge Spartan 185AEP 17 ½" Automatic Paper Cutter

Item #: 04CHL185AEP

Challenge Spartan 185AEP Automatic Paper Cutter
Spartan 185AEP Cutter Digital Hand-Wheel Back Gauge Control
Challenge Machinery Company

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The Challenge Machinery Spartan 185AEP is the top-of-the-line cutter in the 185 series. It offers the same 17 ½" wide and 3" thick paper cutting capacity as the other 185 Spartan cutters, but features intuitive job programming and a digital hand wheel for faster back gauge control. The job programming is simple to use, even for novice users. The digital hand wheel means you don't have to crank a wheel to close the clamp; instead, just turn the dial toward the right or left. The back gauge location is indicated on a display screen and a bright red LED cutting line shows you exactly where the blade will hit your paper. Accuracy, strength and safety are still predominant features of this professional paper cutter, making it an ideal choice for any on-demand environment including printing shops, copy shops and anyone else with medium to high-volume cutting needs. The clean design of the cutter looks great, while the powerful motor and unique blade gibs offer a virtually maintenance-free solution. An automatic clamp is depressed onto your stack when you press the cutting buttons, offering a 3.6 second clamping and cutting cycle. Once the cut cycle is complete, the safety shield will automatically open so you are ready to insert your next stack. To keep all operators safe, the machine won't clamp or cut when the shield is open. In addition, cutting activation is performed with dual-buttons, which ensures no hands on the table at the time of the cut. This cutter is one of the most production-friendly and efficient options on the market. Buy the Challenge Spartan 185AEP automatic paper cutter online and receive a free stand with rolling castors, two blades, three cutter sticks, one paper jogging block, a tool kit and a knife change safety holder. 

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Challenge Spartan 185AEP Automatic Paper Cutter

Challenge Spartan 185AEP 17 ½" Automatic Paper Cutter





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