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Challenge Spartan 185A 17 ½" Automatic Paper Cutter

Item #: 04CHLS185A

Challenge Spartan 185-A Automatic Cutter - Buy101
Challenge Spartan 185A Automatic Paper Cutter

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The Challenge Machinery Spartan 185A automatic paper cutter offers an extremely powerful and safe production cutting machine, all encased in a sleek design. A great addition for a quick-print shop, copy center, professional office and other on-demand facilities, the 185 Spartan cutter can power through stacks up to 17 ½" wide and 3" thick. The automatic clamp is activated after you press the dual-hand cut buttons, removing the manual step associated with most semi-automatic cutters of rotating a wheel to depress it. The overall cutting cycle with the clamp and blade takes only about 3.6 seconds, so there is little down time. In addition to automatic clamping, after the cutting cycle is completed the front safety shield will automatically open, getting you to your next cut quickly and efficiently. The machine cannot clamp or cut when the safety shield is in the "up" position and the back shield is mounted permanently closed. In addition, the two-handed activation means there is no chance an operator's hands can be on the table during the cutting cycle. Holding true to the Challenge Machinery Company name, the Spartan 185A cutter has been manufactured to these high safety standards, to help ensure there are no accidents. On the front of the machine is a wheel that controls the back gauge location, displaying the exact measurement on a screen while also indicating the precise cut location with an LED optical cutting line.In addition to safety and convenience, the 185A cutter offers a unique knife bar gib, which requires no lubrication or maintenance, but ensures a longer life for your knife holder. If you are ready to speed up production with an efficient and safe cutter, then consider buying the Challenge Spartan 185A automatic paper cutter online. When you buy this durable cutting machine, you receive a free stand with rolling castors, two high speed steel knives, three cutting sticks, one tool kit, one knife change safety holder and one jogging block tool. 

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Challenge Spartan 185A Automatic Paper Cutter

Challenge Spartan 185A 17 ½" Automatic Paper Cutter





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