Pinchbook Hard Covers

"Pinchbook" hard covers are the fastest and easiest way to bind a hard cover presentation, without equipment of any kind. That's right, there is no machine needed to bind with these hardcovers. To use: just open the covers, insert your pages into the patented spine slot, and close the covers again. This simple process means you can actually bind presentations manually in as few as about 5 seconds each, making them great for on-demand and last-minute presentations, as well as those larger events.

Pinchbooks are a wrap-around style cover, so your front, spine, and back are all made from the same materials, so they are hard, consistent, and clean. You can choose from a huge variety of sizes, from as small as 4" x 6" to as large as 12" x 12", many available either with or without a window in the front. The window allows you to see a title or graphic from your 1st page, so you can essentially tailor each report to a different client or group, without spending a ton of money on customizing. In addition to the huge selection of sizes, Pinchbook hardcovers come in many colors, including black, navy blue, royal blue, red, taupe, and a soft pink.

In addition to create a professional presentation for clients of all kinds, Pinchbooks are a popular choice for print shops and photo studios to make photobooks for customers, as well as offer quick point-of-purchase displays. No matter your intended use, a hard cover like this will help you up your presentation game.

How to make hard covers fast with Pinchbooks

  1. Open the covers until the spine clamp opens
  2. Insert your pages
  3. Close the covers
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