Tamerica VersaBind-M All-in-1 Manual Binding Machine for Wire, Coil, and Comb
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Tamerica VersaBind-M All-in-1 Manual Binding Machine for Wire, Coil, and Comb

Brand: Tamerica
  • Punches 4 Patterns: 4:1 Spiral Binding Coil, Plastic Comb, 3:1 Wire, 2:1 Wire
  • Quick Slide Die Change Out
  • Manual Punch & Manual Bind
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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The Tamerica VersaBind-M 4-in-1 Manual Punch & Bind Machine offers an easy to use, all-in-one binding machine capable of punching and binding Plastic Combs, 3:1 and 2:1 Wire-O®, and 4:1 Plastic Coil. The VersaBind-M features a manual punch capable of punching up to 20 sheets of 20 lb. paper up to 14" in length. Tamerica's "EZ Slide" interchangeable die system offers fully disengageable dies, punching depth adjustment, and a side margin control.


Manufacturer Tamerica
Brand Name Tamerica
Manufacturer Part Number TP-VERSABINDM
Model VersaBind-M
Max Page Size 14" (4:1 Coil Binding: 13")
Punching Thickness 20 Sheets of 20 lbs. paper
Adjustable Punch Depth Yes
Max Binding Size 2" (Comb), 1-1/4" (Wire), 50mm (Spiral Binding Coil)
Pitch Plastic Comb, 2:1 Wire, 3:1 Wire, 4:1 Spiral Binding Coil
Operation Manual Punch & Manual Bind
Compatible Supplies Plastic Spiral Binding Coils
Dimensions 22.2" x 27.4" x 14"
Shipping Weight 90 lbs.


The Tamerica VersaBind-M 4-in-1 Manual Punch & Bind Machine makes it easy to complete a wide range of binding projects quickly and to a professional standard. That’s because this machine offers an all-in-one punch and binding solution, along with compatibility with all the popular binding systems: comb, 3:1 Wire-O, 2:1 Wire-O, and 4:1 coil binding. Easy to use, the machine can punch up to 20 sheets of 20lb paper at a time and is suitable for documents of up to 14’’ in length. Other features include conveniently disengageable dies, punching depth adjustment, and side margin control. Plus, the VersaBind-M also comes with a built-in comb spreader, coil channel for manual coil insertion, wire clamp, and and wire closer.


  • Manual punch and binding machine
  • Suitable for plastic comb, 2:1 wire, 3:1 wire, and 4:1 coil binding
  • Interchangeable die sets included
  • Punching capacity: 20 sheets of 20lb paper
  • Suitable for sheets of paper that measure up to 14’’
  • Maximum page length of 13" with 4:1 coil binding
  • Binding capacity: 2" (comb), 50mm (coil), and 1-1/4" (wire)
  • Disengageable dies
  • Adjustable punching depth and side margins
  • Built-in comb spreader, wire clamp, closer, and coil channel for manual coil insertion
  • Heavy-duty metal build
  • Electric coil inserter available separately

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Expert Reviewer: Mallory, Editor at Binding101VersaBind-M Expert Review  by Mallory Morsa
About Our Expert • Mallory Morsa has worked in several different departments in her 10+ years at Binding101. Beginning in customer service and sales, she honed in her skills to provide the customer with professional, fast, and accurate information. Shortly after, she was promoted to sales supervisor and product expert, gaining hands-on and in-depth product research as well as training the team on new products. She now holds the position of content specialist, taking her extensive knowledge of our products and putting it on the web for you to access at any time. In her expert reviews, she outlines the good and the bad of products that she has handled herself, and uses her experience to identify the ideal users. If you have any questions or need more information about this product, please call our trained customer care team at (866)537-2244. Thank you for stopping by!


Tamerica VersaBind-M Expert Review


The multi-functional Tamerica VersaBind-M brings versatility to office-level users with medium-volume documentation binding needs. Typically the interchangeable die feature is only available in heavy duty models, so this unique machine fits well into a new marker for smaller businesses that still want o make various styles of documents.

First off, for a machine that can accomplish four different binding styles, the VersaBind-M has an impressively small footprint, taking up very little space. This makes it easier to move around, and leaves you more room for supplies and finishers. And then, of course, the best thing about this system is the functionality to punch for 4:1 pitch plastic coil, 3:1 pitch twin loop wire, 2:1 pitch twin loop wire, and 19-hole plastic comb. Changing between each is simple with the “EZ slide” die system so you can go from coil to wire to comb in no time at all. Plus, this machine comes standard with all four dies, so you don’t have to buy them separately. Most other manufacturers only include one die and the others cost extra. And with a price point just over one thousand dollars, it can do the work of four different machines costing the same per each machine, offering impressive value for the user. And lastly, the machine does also have a wire closer and comb opener for finishing those styles of documents.

One consideration here is that a coil inserter and crimper is not included, so you would just have to get those separately; the crimper is required, but the roller inserter is optional, since the coils can easily just be rolled-in by-hand. Tamerica also states a punching capacity of 20 sheets, but keep in mind that is a maximum rating. Imagine driving a car at maximum speed all the time and how much wear and tear that would add to your vehicle; the same goes for a punch machine that is used at max capacity all the time. A safer daily capacity would be about 15 sheets for this manual machine.

For the price point, the Optimus 46i has several outstanding features that are found more often on much more expensive models. This brings those convenient features to lower volume users for a faster and easier document binding solution. Though it is not as powerful as some users may prefer, the essentials for professional finishing are all there, expanding accessibility.

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