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Basic 18" Guillotine Cutter

Item #: 04LCPC1815Y

Basic 18" Guillotine Cutter for the Office

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If you are looking for a basic office guillotine trimmer, then consider buying this 18" guillotine cutter with metal base online. It has all the basic benefits of a traditional cutter that includes a magnetic paper stop for proper alignment of your stack, a pressing bar so you can hold the stack in place while cutting, as well as an all-metal base that offers durability and stability. This cutter works well for small stacks of paper, up to a maximum of 10 sheets of 20 lb. bond copy. The hardened steel and curved blade provides a smooth traverse through the thin stack of sheets. A nice feature here is that you can also lock the cutting handle in the down position when not in use, so the blade is not exposed.




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