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MBM 408A Automatic Friction Fed Paper Folder

Item #: 04MBM408A

MBM 408A Automatic Friction Fed Paper Folder
MBM 408A Automatic Friction Fed Paper Folder
MBM 408A Automatic Friction Fed Paper Folder
MBM 408A Automatic Friction Fed Paper Folder
408A Folder Optional Accessories | Scorer AC0628A + Micro Perf AC0629A
408A Folder with Perf/Score Tray ATtached

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With the MBM 408A paper folding machine, you can achieve automatic folding of paper from 3 ½" x 5" up to 11" x 17"* in a variety folding styles, including 18 presets and any custom fold that you manually setup. You can also store up to 12 jobs in the memory for quick recall. The friction-feed system is ideally suited for non-glossy paper stock and features three rollers for quieter operation at speeds up to 14,400 sheets per hour*. It features a color LED touch screen control panel that includes a 4-digit addition and subtraction digital counter to help you keep track of job status. A "test fold" button will pull through two sheets for your to inspect before running the entire job. The paper tray will hold up to 500 sheets*, so once inspected, you can press start and walk away. The extended exit tray allows for neat stacking of the folded sheets while the automatic conveyor ensures smooth ejection. Maintenance is also easy with a quick-release roller system.

The MBM 408A automatic paper folder is a dependable machine that will be a perfect fit for your mid- to high-volume mail room or office. The automatic single-sheet folding is maintained for different paper weights from 12 to 80 lb*, and an included auxiliary guide can be used for unique cross-folding (also called right angle folding**). An audible alert will sound when the machine is incorrectly operated and skew/micro-adjustment dials allow for precise settings. This powerful automatic paper folder machine can also be paired with the optional scoring or micro-perforating add-ons.





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