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Standard Horizon PJ-100 Industrial Paper Jogger

Item #: 04SJOGPJ10

Standard Horizon PJ-100 Air Assist Pedestal Paper Jogger - Buy101

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If you need the power and reliability of an industrial jogging machine, you should consider buying the Standard Horizon PJ-100 paper jogger online today. It can handle a huge stack of up to 4" thick (that is double what most other joggers offer) so you can get the job done in half the time. The large tray can jog in either vertical or horizontal mode, so you can customize the jog tilt for your unique and specific application. The air-assist features blows air through your pages at the same time as it vibrates, jogging the pages and removing static cling faster than ever before. The square tray with a thick v-shaped paper base means you can even jog criss-crossed piles of paper for easier sorting. Easy to setup and operate, all you have to do is place your stack into the tray and use an included foot pedal to start and stop the jog. This foot pedal features leaves both of your operator's hands free to handle documents and assist in the jogging, when needed. Vibration time control and air flow adjustment let you customize this machine to each of your specific applications, giving you complete control. The cycle-down timer follows through on the jog-stop, ensuring your pages stay aligned after the motor is turned off. Mounted to rolling castors, the attached heavy duty pedestal stand offers a sturdy workstation that can be placed anywhere along the production finishing line.

Standard Horizon PJ-100 Air Assist Pedestal Paper Jogger - Buy101

Standard Horizon PJ-100 Industrial Paper Jogger




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