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Perfecta Model SDY-EZ Replacement Blades


Perfecta Model SDY-EZ Replacement Blade

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Perfecta Model SDY-EZ Replacement Blade [Top Left, Standard Inlay, 16.535" x 4.528" x 0.394", 6 Holes (M12x1.5")] Item#05JYPF42708
Perfecta Model SDY-EZ Replacement Blade [Top Front, Standard Inlay, 21.26" x 4.528" x 0.394", 8 Holes (M12x1.5")] Item#05JYPF42709


Perfecta Royal Zenith Seypa cutters are known for their quality and precision, but when you use a dull blade you, you tarnish that quality and cause undue wear to your valuable machine investment. Instead, replace your worn out blade with a new standard inlay knife, made of a 50/50 blend of standard grade steel and high alloy steel. This combination creates a blade that is not only strong, but inexpensive, offering the most bang for your buck. Perfecta SDY-EZ top replacement blades come in two styles: top front (21.26" x 4.528" x 0.394" with 8 holes, M12 1.5") and top left (16.535" x 4.528" x 0.394" with 6 holes, M12 1.5") Not quite sure if these are the right blade for you? Call us at (866)537-2244 (866)537-2244 and we will help find the one you need. Perfecta Royal Zenith Seypa replacement paper cutter knives are Diamond Cut ®, for extreme accuracy that exceeds OEM specifications.