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Horizon PC-P430 17" Electric Paper Cutter

Item #: 04SPCP430

Standard Horizon PC-P430 Electric Paper Cutter Machine
Horizon PC-P430 Electric Paper Cutter Features
PC-P430 Key-activated power switch for authorized users
PC-P430 Illuminated cut line for accurate stack cutting
Side-mounted adjustment wheel on PC-P430 paper cutter
PC-P430 Electric Cutter Plexiglass Safety Cover
PC-P430 Cutter Measurement Scale

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The Standard Horizon PC-P430 is an electric desktop paper cutting machine that is ideal for small businesses, schools, churches, copy shops, and desktop publishers. It will cut paper up to 17" wide stacks up to just under a 1" thick (rated for ⁹/₁₀" thick*). This electric cutter offers a compact design that fits easily onto any desktop or sturdy workstation, and has several safety features to keep your operators protected while in-use. Some of these features include dual push buttons for activation, ensuring that no hands can be near the cutting table, plexiglas safety covers on the front and back tables, offering a clear view of the cut from a safe distance, and a key-activated power switch, guaranteeing that only authorized users have access to use the cutter. In addition to the ideal safety standards, the Standard PC-P430 is easy-to-use and requires very little training. It creates an accurate cut, and a fast cutting cycle that takes just 4 seconds to clamp/cut your stack and return. Ready to add a durable tabletop cutter to your office or shop? Buy the Horizon PC-P430 electric cutter online today.






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