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Plain Mounting Boards (Price per Box)


Plain mounting boards are available in two different materials including foam core board or gator board. The plain boards feature no adhesive, allowing for great versatility and the ability to use any of our mounting adhesives including pressure sensitive or heat activated, as well as specialty options. The foam core board material has a clay coated surface that surrounds a lightweight polystyrene board. Foam board is the most commonly used mounting board for applications such as school projects, presentations, and temporary signage. The Gatorfoam Board is made with a more durable, Luxcell surface material. Luxcell is more resistant to dents and punctures than the polystyrene providing a quality product for long term applications such as artwork, photography, retail signage, and more. When you buy plain mounting boards online from Binding101, you’ll find that all foam core board options are available in a variety of sizes and in either black or white.

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Plain Mount Board FAQs

Q: How many boards are packaged per box?
Use the chart below which lists the packaged quantity for each size.


  Board     Board Size     Sheets / Bx  
  Foam    20" x 30" (3/16")      50 Sheets  
  Foam    24" x 36" (3/16")      25 Sheets  
  Foam    32" x 40" (3/16")     25 Sheets  
  Foam    36" x 48" (3/16")      50 Sheets  
  Foam    40" x 60" (3/16")     25 Sheets  
  Foam    48" x 96" (3/16")     25 Sheets  
  Gator    24" x 36" (3/16")     10 Sheets  
  Gator    36" x 48" (3/16")     10 Sheets     
  Gator    40" x 60" (3/16")       10 Sheets    
  Gator    48" x 96" (3/16")     15 Sheets  
  Gator    48" x 96" (1/2")   12 Sheets   
  Gator    48" x 96" (3/4")   8 Sheets   
  Gator       48" x 96" (1")    6 Sheets   
  Gator       60" x 120" (3/16")   10 Sheets  


Q: I don't see the size I need... can I still get it?
We have the ability to custom-cut foam boards to meet your needs. As long as it can be cut from our master sheets, we can create any size you need. The minimum order for custom cut foam board varies depending on the size needed and how many will be yielded. Call our sales team at (866) 537-2244 for more information and to request a quote.


Q: Can you sell smaller quantities?
We are able to offer great pricing because of our quantities and are unable to sell anything less than the full boxed quantities.

Product Description

We offer plain mounting boards in both foam board and gator board materials, as well as a huge variety of sizes from as small as 20" x 30" up to as large as 60" x 120", and in either black or white. The word "plain" describes the fact that these mounting boards do not feature any adhesive coating on them, so they are used as general purpose mount boards with no limitations as far as application goes.

Foam board is the most popular option and is the basic foam core board that is used for general applications such as presentations, school displays and projects, poster and print mounting, and more. The surface of the foam boards is clay coated and surrounds a lightweight polystyrene center, offering a stable and rigid board. They are available in sizes from 20" x 30" to 48" x 96", and measure standard 3/16" thick.

Plain Gatorfoam gator board is a presentation board that is especially resistant to dents and punctures. It features hard Luxcell surfaces surrounding a lightweight polystyrene foam core. Ideal for photo mounters, artists, designers, sign painters, exhibit builders and engineers that need a durable board that will last being handled often and be more stable. Gator boards are available in sizes from 24" x 36" up to 60' x 120". Most sizes are 3/16" thick, but some are also available in 1/2", 3/4", and 1" thick options.

Plain foam boards and gator boards are packaged per box, and the boxed quantity varies depending on the board size. Use the chart below as a guide to the quantities available for each board size. We cannot sell smaller boxed quantities than what is listed.

  Board     Board Size     Sheets per Box  
  Foam Board     20" x 30" (3/16")      50 Sheets  
  Foam Board     32" x 40" (3/16")     25 Sheets  
  Foam Board     36" x 48" (3/16")      50 Sheets  
  Foam Board     40" x 60" (3/16")     25 Sheets  
  Foam Board     48" x 96" (3/16")     25 Sheets  
  Gator Board     24" x 36" (3/16")     10 Sheets  
  Gator Board      36" x 48" (3/16")     10 Sheets     
  Gator Board      40" x 60" (3/16")       10 Sheets    
  Gator Board      48" x 96" (3/16")     15 Sheets  
  Gator Board      48" x 96" (1/2")   12 Sheets   
  Gator Board      48" x 96" (3/4")   8 Sheets   
  Gator Board      48" x 96" (1")    6 Sheets   
  Gator Board      60" x 120" (3/16")   10 Sheets  

Item Numbers on this page: 80FBB3162030 80FBB3163240 80FBB3164060 80FBB3164896 80FBW3162030 80GFBK3162436 80GFBK3163648 80GFBK31648 80GFWT3162436 nbsp;80GFWT3164060 nbsp;80GFWT1248 80GFWT31648 80GFWT31651 80FBB3162436


Size Choose from a Variety of Sizes
Color Choose from Black or White
Adhesive Coating None

User Reviews

Great boards, great prices, but high quantitiesReview by Alecia
The pricing of these boards was the best I could find anywhere on the web and in stores. I just wish it was possible to get this pricing on smaller quantities, because 50 per pack was way more than we needed. We got them anyway because they were so well priced and we could use them all eventually, but now they will be taking up storage space. (Posted on 11/1/16)

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