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MBM Triumph™ 5205, 5210, 5220 & 5250 Replacement Blades

Item #: 05JYTR42270-GRP

These high-quality Diamond Cut® replacement paper cutter knives are compatible with several MBM Triumph™ cutter models, including the 5205, 5210, 5220, and 5250. They are available in either standard inlay steel, or a high speed steel option that is manufactured with 18% tungsten, extending the life of the blade to 3-5 years longer than traditional blades. Both options measure 24.803" x 3.543" x 0.393" and feature 5 M10 holes*. We recommend that, in addition to your blade installed into the machine, you have a back-up blade as well, so that you never have to worry about your machine being unable to run. Not quite sure these are the blades you need? Give us a call at (866)537-2244 so we can help.

Product Name Price Qty
MBM Triumph™ 5205, 5210, 5220 & 5250 Replacement Blade [Standard Inlay, 0.39" x 3.54" x 24.8", 5 Holes (M10)] Item#05JYTR42270
MBM Triumph™ 5205, 5210, 5220 & 5250 Replacement Blade [High Speed Steel, 0.39" x 3.54" x 24.8", 5 Holes (M10)] Item#05JYTR42270HS

Replacement Blade FAQs:

Q: I don't see the blade I need...where can I get it?
We offer a huge selection of replacement paper cutter knives that are not listed directly on our website. Just give us a call at (866)537-2244 and have your current cutter manufacturer, model name, model number, and blade specifications (dimensions, material, holes/slots) handy so we can find you exactly what you need.


Product Description


If you have any of the following MBM Triumph™ paper cutters, and you need a new replacement blade, then you have come to the right place. We stock paper cutter knives for your MBM cutter in either standard inlay or high speed steel composition options. The standard inlay is a basic blade that is made of 50% standard grade steel and 50% high alloy steel. The high speed steel blade is a premium alternative that lasts an average of 3-5 years longer than conventional blades, composed of 50% standard grade steel and 50% high speed steel, which contains Tungsten for extreme strength and accuracy. All of our blades are manufactured to not just meet, but exceed original equipment manufacturer specifications.

Compatible MBM Triumph™ Cutters:
   • MBM Triumph™ 5205
   • MBM Triumph™ 5210
   • MBM Triumph™ 5220
   • MBM Triumph™ 5250

Don't risk damaging your expensive cutting machine prematurely by using a dull blade; buy a new MBM Triumph™ replacement blade online today, and consider keeping an extra one on-hand to prevent any possible down-time when your installed blade needs sharpening or replacing.

*Please note: Cutter manufacturers have been known to make changes to their cutters over time, while keeping the same model name and number. At times, the blade specifications may change without our knowledge. To make sure the blade listed is correct for your machine, compare the measurements listed here to the measurements of your current blade. If they are not exactly the same, please call us at (866)537-2244 and we will help determine what blade your machine requires.


Item # 05JYTR42270-GRP
Manufacturer Jayhawk Plastics, Inc.
Quantity 1 Knife
Size 24.803 x 3.543 x 0.393
Compatible Equipment MBM Triumph™ 5205
MBM Triumph™ 5210
MBM Triumph™ 5220
MBM Triumph™ 5250
Blade Holes 5 Holes
Blade Hole Details M10

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