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MagnetPouch Magnetic Laminating Pouches (Price per Pack)


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With MagnetPouch it is easy to DIY your own custom magnets from the comfort of your home or office. This versatile and unique item is a combination of a magnet and a laminating pouch, which allows you to make a premium printed magnet with just some paper, a printer, and pouch laminating machine. They are easy to use: simply place your printed item between the magnet and clear pouch sheet, centering it as desired, and run it through your pouch laminator with the pre-sealed end first -- it is that easy. The first product of it's kind, these magnetic laminating pouches allow you to create professional magnetic displays that are great for business cards, photos, prints, advertisements, calendars and so much more. The opportunities are truly endless when you buy MagnetPouch magnetic laminating pouches online at Binding101. They are even offered in either a glossy or matted finish

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Qty/Pack : Varies

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Packaged Quantities

  Size     Pouches / Pack  
  2" x 3.5"     50 / Pack  
  4" x 6"   25 / Pack  
  5" x 7"     25 / Pack  
  8" x 10"     20 / Pack  
  8.5" x 11"     20 / Pack  
  11" x 14"     20 / Pack  
  12" x 18"     10 / Pack  

Product Description

Magnetic laminating pouches are a unique new product that allow you to create custom printed magnets at home. All you need is a quality pouch laminator, your custom printed sheets and these magnet pouches. Offering versatility, you can choose from a variety of sizes as well as either a matte or gloss finish. The matted finish reduces glare and has a smooth touch feel that is great for high-lighting situations. The gloss finish adds vibrancy and enhances contrast, for a "pop" affect that is sure to grab the eye of any onlooker. The laminate is a low melt 3 mil adhesive and the magnet is 12 mil thick.

We offer a 12" x 18" size for vehicle magnets that is the perfect way to market your business. The matte finish is easier to see on the road, and there is a UV inhibiting film on the front to help reduce color fading and protect your image. This high energy magnet offers secure application to a car or truck even at highway speeds.

How To Use Magnetic Laminating Pouches:

  • We recommend using a quality heated pouch laminator that is designed for handling photographs. While economical laminators might work, they may require several passes to seal properly. We do not recommend using any laminator with less than 6 rollers. The JBUSA Sprinter 335R6 has been tested and works well with this specialty application.
  • Preheat your pouch laminator to high, somewhere between 230° and 250° f  (110° and 120° c). Set the speed to slow/medium. Because there are so many different laminators in the marketplace, you may need to test several different settings to determine what offers the best results for you.
  • Run the sealed edge of the Magnet Pouch first into the rollers of your pouch laminator. 
  • If your laminator requires it, be sure to use a pouch carrier sheet. Failure to use a carrier sheet may result in damage to your pouch laminator.
  • To insure flat magnets, remove the magnet from the carrier immediately after it exits the pouch laminator. Place the magnet on a flat surface for cooling.


  • For outdoor applications that are exposed to weather, it's best to print your image using synthetic sheets, as most synthetic base sheets tend to act as an insulator & conduct heat at a slower pace. You may need to adjust your laminator settings when using this method, or send the sheet through the lamintor more than once.
  • For short term use, a paper sheet is acceptable.
  • Card stock over 14pt thick is not recommended.
  • Multiple pieces of paper/photographs can be inserted into a larger size Magnet Pouch, however fine wrinkles may occur.
  • Depending on your laminator, you may need to run the magnet pouch through the machine twice for proper application.
  • When printing car magnets, printed synthetic stock (PET) is recommended.
  • When printing standard magnets, card stock (8pt to 14pt) is recommended. Thicker stock may require multiple passes through the laminator.

Trouble Shooting:

  • Running too slow: Small wrinkles or an orange peel loop will appear on the lamination surface. If your laminator has a set speed. you won't be able to fix this problem. If you have a variable speed, increase it a bit and test again. 
  • Running too fast: The print and magnet will not mount. Slow down the variable speed or run the pouch through multiple times to complete the process.

Benefits & Applications:

  • Create customized teaching tools (most school whiteboards are magnetic)
  • Create business promotional products
  • Create calendars and schedules
  • A set of two magnets can be made in just 6 minutes


Packaged Quantities


  Size     Pouches / Pack  
  2" x 3.5"     50 / Pack  
  4" x 6"   25 / Pack  
  5" x 7"     25 / Pack  
  8" x 10"     20 / Pack  
  8.5" x 11"     20 / Pack  
  11" x 14"     20 / Pack  
  12" x 18"     10 / Pack  


Shipping Weight (lbs) 15
Manufacturer Magnet Pouch
Quantity Varies
Type Magnetic Laminating Pouches
Laminate Finish Gloss or Matte
Adhesive Type Heat Activated

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