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MagnetPouch Magnetic Laminating Pouches (Price per Pack)


With MagnetPouch it is easy to DIY your own custom magnets from the comfort of your home or office. This versatile and unique item is a combination of a magnet and a laminating pouch, which allows you to make a premium printed magnet with just paper, any kind of printer, and a pouch laminating machine. Magnetic laminating pouches are the first product of it's kind, allowing you to create professional magnetic displays that are great for business cards, photos, prints, advertisements, calendars, post cards, car magnets, and so much more. Most sizes are available with either a glossy or matted laminate finish. The opportunities are truly endless when you buy MagnetPouch magnetic laminating pouches online.

Make your own custom magnets in just 2 simple steps:
   ① Print your design & center it between the magnet & attached laminate sheet
   ② Run the magnet, sealed side first, through your pouch laminator

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Magnet Pouch FAQs:

Q: Should I choose matte or gloss laminate?
The glossy finish is great for photographs, as it helps enhance the color and contrast on your print. For a softer look, and to reduce glare, choose the matte finish laminate option.


Packaged Quantities

Size Qty / Box
2" x 3 ½" 50 / Pack
4" x 6" 25 / Pack
5" x 7" 25 / Pack
8" x 10" 20 / Pack
8 ½" x 11" 20 / Pack
11" x 14" 20 / Pack
12" x 18" 10 / Pack



Product Description


Magnetic laminating pouches are a unique new product that allow you to create custom printed magnets at home. All you need is a quality pouch laminator, your printed designs, and these unique magnet pouches. They are extremely simple to use, just like a regular laminating pouch; first, just print your design and place it between the magnet and laminate sheet, then just run it through your pouch laminating machine, with the pre-sealed edge first. On the other side you will have a quality custom magnet that is perfect for business cards, promotional advertisements, calendars, take-out menus, schedules, photos, and so much more. We even offer a new unique post card magnet, as well as car magnets in the 12" x 18" size, so you can advertise your business while you drive.

We offer a large selection of sizes from as small as 2" x 3 ½" for business cards, and as large as 12" x 18".  Most of these sizes are also available with either a glossy laminate or a matte laminate sheet. The glossy laminate is standard, and most popular for vibrant photographs, as the gloss helps to enhance the contrast and colors beneath it. The matte laminate is growing more and more popular, as it offers a softer look that isn't harsh and won't reflect glares as much as the gloss.

DIY magnets are 12 mil thick, with a 3 mil laminate sheet that is pre-sealed to one edge of the magnet. The adhesive on the laminate is a low-melt PET film that activates at about 230° - 250° F (110° - 120° C).

We offer a 12" x 18" size for vehicle magnets that is the perfect way to market your business. The matte finish is easier to see on the road, and there is a UV inhibiting film on the front to help reduce color fading and protect your image. This high energy magnet offers secure application to a car or truck even at highway speeds.

How to Use MagnetPouch Magnetic Laminating Pouches:

   ① Turn on your laminator and allow it to warm up. Depending on your paper stock, different heat or speed settings may be required, however, a good starting point is normally between 230° F and 250° F (110°-120° C) with a slow to medium speed. Because there are so many different laminators in the marketplace, you may need to test several different settings to determine what offers the best results for you. It is recommended that you have extra MagnetPouches to allow for testing and any laminator adjustments that may be required to achieve the desired results.
   ② While your laminator is warming up, print your design using any printer, and any paper stock thinner than 14pt (see professional tips below for information on paper stock).
   ③  Place your printed sheet between the magnet and laminate sheet, centering as desired. One of the edges of the laminate will be pre-sealed onto the magnet.
   ④ Once warmed to the proper temperature, run your MagnetPouch through the laminator, with the pre-sealed edge first. If your laminator requires a carrier sheet, then first place it into the carrier before laminating.
   ⑤ When the magnet exits your laminator, remove it from the carrier (if used) and place the magnet on a flat surface for cooling. If bent while cooling, this bend may be permanent.

Professional Tips:

   • For the best results, use a pouch laminator with a minimum of 6 rollers that is designed to handle photographs, and with adjustable heat and speed settings. While less expensive laminators might work, they could require several passes to seal properly, and the finish might not be perfectly smooth. The JBUSA Sprinter 335R6 has been rigorously tested, and works well with this specialty application.
   • For outdoor applications that are exposed to weather, it's best to print your image using synthetic sheets, as most synthetic base sheets (PET) tend to act as an insulator and conduct heat at a slower pace. You may need to adjust your laminator settings when using this method, or send the sheet through the laminator more than once. This includes magnets for vehicle signage.
   • For short term and indoor use, any standard paper sheet is acceptable.
   • Card stock over 14pt thick is not recommended, and may not seal properly. Anything thicker than standard copy paper may require multiple passes to seal properly.
   • Multiple pieces of paper/photographs can be inserted into a larger size Magnet Pouch to make a collage, however, small wrinkles may occur. It is best to print your collage onto one sheet instead.
   • Depending on your laminator, you may need to run the magnet pouch through the machine twice for proper application.

Popular Applications & Laminate Options:

Size Popular Applications Laminate Finish Available Qty / Box
2" x 3 ½" Business Cards, Contact Cards, Emergency Cards, Mail-Out Advertising Gloss & Matte 50 Pouches
4" x 6" Photographs, Save The Dates, Mail-Out Advertising Gloss & Matte 25 Pouches
4" x 6" Postcards Photographs, Save The Dates, Political Advertisements Matte 25 Pouches
5" x 7" Photographs, Invitations, Emergency Cards Gloss & Matte 25 Pouches
8" x 10" Photographs, Calendars, Teaching Aids, Team Schedules, Emergency Procedures Gloss & Matte 20 Pouches
8 ½" x 11" Letters & Notes, Calendars, Teaching Aids, Team Schedules, Emergency Procedures Gloss & Matte 20 Pouches
11" x 14" Photo Collages, Calendars, Team Schedules, Emergency Procedures Gloss & Matte 20 Pouches
12" x 18" Team Schedules, Emergency Procedures, Promotional Signs Gloss & Matte 10 Pouches
12" x 18" for Vehicles Car Signs, Business Promotions Matte 10 Pouches

Magnet Pouch Trouble Shooting:

   • Wrinkles in Laminate: This means your laminator is running too slow. As recommended above, a pouch laminator with adjustable heat andspeed settings is highly recommended. If you cannot adjust the heat or speed of your machine, then this problem cannot be resolved. If you can, then try speeding up the laminator and running another test magnet until you achieve the desired finish. If you do not have adjustable speed, but you do have adjustable heat, then you can try decreasing the heat setting and running another test magnet.
   • Not Sealing: If the laminate is not sealing completely, then the laminator is running too slow or too cool. Slow down the speed, or increase the heat of your laminator and try again. Sometimes running the pouch through multiple times will achieve the desired results.


Manufacturer Spiral
Brand Name MagnetPouch
Manufacturer Part Number MAGLAM CFG
Product Type Magnetic Laminating Pouches
Laminate Finish Gloss or Matte
Adhesive Type Heat Activated

Expert Reviews

Expert Reviewer: Mallory, Editor at Binding101Expert Product Review: MagnetPouch  by Mallory Morsa
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Hi everyone! My name is Mallory Morsa, and I am the product expert at Binding101. I have been a part of the Binding101 team since 2008, where I started out in service and sales, learning our customers' needs and how to offer truly exceptional service. After a of couple years, I moved into a role of product management that required in-depth product research, as well as training of our staff. And in my honest expert reviews, I am proud to share that extensive knowledge with you. Take a look at the product review below, which will highlight both the pros and the cons, as well as identify the ideal customer. If you have any questions or need more information, please call our customer care team at (866)537-2244. Thank you for stopping by, and please check out our Binding101 social media channels by clicking the icons above.


MagnetPouches are awesome! Because we sell them in small quantity packs, and because they are such a unique and versatile product, we have customers that include individuals who want to use them for photo gifts, small businesses, such as real estate agents, large businesses including dental and medical offices, financial institutions such as banks and insurance agencies, government organizations including public services, and so much more.

   ① For one, they are DIY capable! This means you can make one individual magnet for an individual design, if necessary. So you don’t have to hassle with promotional website minimum order requirements, or the high prices associated with the sites that offer no minimums. You can just print as many of each design as you need, and make your own magnets without limitations or restrictions.
   ② They are inexpensive…as low as just $0.59 each, which means you can create a promotional item for clients that they will likely keep for years to come (they are certainly more likely to keep them over a paper mailers). You may be able to find cheaper magnets per piece from a print service, however, then that potential minimum order requirement that I mentioned above may come into play, so you might be required to buy 500+ magnets in a single design to get the low price.
   ③ There are a variety of options to choose from. We sell sizes from as small as 2” x 3 ½” (for business cards), up to as large as 12” x 18”. This assortment of sizes means you can find exactly what you need for your specific application, without having to use different sources; you can buy them all in one place. In addition to those sizes, most options also come in your choice of either a gloss laminate or a matte laminate; so you can either make your print pop with the gloss, or make it soft and professional with the matte.
   ④ They are easy (and fast) to use! Creating something custom in-house always sounds complicated on the surface…like it will take special skills or a lot of time…it can be scary to take on. But that is not the case with these magnetic pouches! Literally you just have to print your paper, put it in the Magnet Pouch, and then put that into your laminator. Making magnets is so simple! They can be made as fast as you can design, and as fast as your laminator can handle. I was using the SprinterLam when I was testing samples, so made them in just a couple minutes each.
   ⑤ They are fun!Simple as that! When I was playing with the pouches before writing this review, I used them on photos, our company business cards, and even made my own photo collage for the larger magnets. I am not sure how to express the excitement of making your own fun projects with magnetic pouches…but any crafter will understand the rush and happiness!


One thing to think about before you buy is the pouch laminating machine that you currently have, or that you plan to purchase. You should only use a high-quality laminator that is capable of handling photos, which means it will have a minimum of six rollers, and have adjustable heat and speed settings. These laminators can be a bit of a pricey investment upfront (usually no less than $300), however, will ensure quality pouches for years to come. A cheaper laminator might work as well, however, the quality of the finish cannot be guaranteed, and the laminator may require several passes to get the proper seal. Potentially, the laminator may also be damaged by the thickness of the magnets (15 mil with the magnet and pouch included, plus more if using a carrier), so it is important that you use a machine that can handle this capacity. Without the adjustable settings for heat and speed, your machine might not be able to handle the MagnetPouches, or they might just need multiple pass-throughs. It is hard to say which laminators will work and which won’t, since there are so many hundreds (thousands?) of laminators on the market, it is just impossible to test them all. But a good rule of thumb is to be sure it has those adjustable settings, has at least six rollers, and can handle the magnet pouch thickness.

You also want to be sure to use thinner paper stock for your prints. This is not a negative in any way, because the magnet and pouch itself are nice and thick, so a basic 20 lb. paper stock between them will not look cheap. We have used up to a 14pt paper in them, but I personally didn’t see the purpose of using anything other than basic paper. So just be sure you have the paper you want on-hand.

Aside from the couple of considerations to think about before you buy, the MagnetPouch magnetic laminating pouches are simply amazing. I loved being “forced” to test them for work (teehee). They are inexpensive, easy to use, can be DIY’d quickly, and make great looking finished magnets.

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