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Magnetic Gripper Flush Sign Holders (Pack of 10)


Magnetic sign holders offer a unique and temporary way to label shelves for inventory and other purposes. The magnet creates a strong hold, while the gripper fins will hold tight to a variety of papers and materials up to 0.08" thick. These sign holders are called "flush" because they hold the sign against the surface the stick to. But depending on which way you have the magnet applied, you can display the paper vertically or horizontally. For extra large signs, use multiple holders to ensure it stays in place on the magnetic surface. You can buy magnetic flush sign holders online in packs of ten and in either one inch or three inch lengths.

Product Name Price Qty
1" Magnetic Gripper Flush Sign Holder (10/pk) Item#88KI107090
3" Magnetic Gripper Flush Sign Holder (10/pk) Item#88KI107091

Product Description


Magnetic Gripper Flush Sign Holders are ideal for warehouse rack system environments, shelf gondolas and freezer cases. Gripper fins hold signs firmly in horizontal (flush) position. A versatile magnetic base assures maximum holding power on metal surfaces. Use two or more holders for larger signs. Holders are removable and reusable. Warning: Magnets should not be used near electronic equipment.


Shipping Weight (lbs) 2
Manufacturer Kinter® [K International, Inc.]
Manufacturer Part Number SIGNHOLDMAGFLUSH GRP
Capacity Grip Capactiy: 0.08"
Dimensions 7/8" D x 1/4" H
Quantity 10 Pieces
Color Clear / Milky
Product Type Magnetic
Magnetic Yes
Self Adhesive No

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