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Lawson 38" & 39" 2AA2 Guillotine Cutter Replacement Blades

Item #: 05JYLA38600-GRP

Did you know that when you use a dull paper cutter blade you can damage your machine, as well as your customer relationships because of the sub-par quality output? Why risk those losses when buying a new replacement blade online is a much less expensive solution? Compatible with the Lawson 38" and Lawson 39" 2-AA-2 guillotine cutters, these incredibly durable Diamond Cut® paper cutter knives are available in two different bi-metallic compositions: standard inlay steel (INL) or high speed steel (HSS). While both options are made to exceed OEM specifications for blade life and strength, the INL option is a perfect mix for cost-conscious customers, while the HSS is a more premium solution that lasts, on average, 3-5 years longer than other blades on the market. No matter which option you choose, these are the best Lawson replacement blades on the market. They measure 48" x 5" x 0.495" and have 24 holes*. Not quite sure these are the blades you need? Call us at (866)537-2244 (866)537-2244 and we will help you find exactly what you need.

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Lawson 38" & 39" 2AA2 Guillotine Cutter Replacement Blade [Standard Inlay, 48" x 5" x 0.495", 24 Holes (1/2"-13)] Item#05JYLA38600

Replacement Blade FAQs:

Q: I don't see the blade I need...where can I get it?
We offer a huge selection of replacement paper cutter knives that are not listed directly on our website. Just give us a call at (866)537-2244 and have your current cutter manufacturer, model name, model number, and blade specifications (dimensions, material, holes/slots) handy so we can find you exactly what you need.


Product Description


Don't risk loosing customers by giving them poor quality finished products caused by a dull blade. Especially when a new replacement blade is such an inexpensive way to prevent it! Here at Binding101 you can buy replacement paper cutter knives for your Lawson 38" and Lawson 39" 2-AA-2 guillotine cutters online. They are Diamond Cut® and manufactured to actually exceed the original equipment manufacturer's specifications in regards to blade life, strength, and overall quality-of-materials. They are 48" x 5" x 0.495" in size, and have 24 holes that are 1/2" with a 13-thread.

These durable replacement blades for your Lawson guillotine are available in one of two different bi-metallic compositions. No matter this option you choose, you can rest easy knowing you are receiving a high quality blade; each option offers benefits, and it is up to you to determine which would work best for your business output and needs.

   ① Standard Inlay Steel (INL) - Made of 50% standard grade steel and 50% high alloy steel. This blend creates a strong blade that is also low-priced, making it extremely popular for businesses with lower output or for those that are cost-conscious. It is also popular as a back-up blade to keep on-hand for emergencies for even high-output companies; this is recommenced so that so production is never compromised or put on hold.
   ② High Speed Steel (HSS) - Made of 50% standard grade steel and 50% high speed steel. The high speed steel contains incredibly durable German tungsten, which offers unheard-of strength and blade-life, allowing them to last, on average, 3-5 years longer than other blades on the market.

*Important: At times, cutter manufacturers will change a machine without changing the model name or model number. Because of this possibility, it is important to compare the specs on your current blade with the specs listed here to be sure they are an exact-match (allowing for the wear on your current blade). If they are not the same, or if you are not sure that these are the blades you need, please call us at (866)537-2244 (866)537-2244 and we can help find you the exact knife that you need for your cutter.


Item # 05JYLA38600-GRP
Manufacturer Jayhawk Plastics, Inc.
Quantity 1 Knife
Size 48 x 5 x 0.495
Compatible Equipment Lawson 38" 2-AA-2
Lawson 39" 2-AA-2
Blade Holes 24 Holes
Blade Hole Details 1/2" [13 Thread]

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