Foil Roll Cutters

A foil roll cutter is a handy tool that can cut down the width of your foil rolls to create shorter ones. This is an essential tool for print shops and other corporations that use a foil fusing machine that requires a shorter width than the compatible foil rolls. Most foil fusing machines, including all of the Therm-O-type models that we offer, will accept only 1" core foil rolls, which are 24" long or sometimes even longer. Depending on the foil fusing machine that you have, you might only be able to accept a 12" wide roll. This is where a foil roll cutter comes into play; use it to trim that roll down, cutting through the entirety of foil as well as the core to turn your single 24" roll into multiple smaller rolls.

How to Use a Foil Roll Cutter

While the specific setup and instructions will vary depending on the roll cutter that you have, the basic operation is usually about the same. These steps are simple and generalized, so we always recommend that you follow your machine's specific instruction manual.

   1. Install your roll on the machine and lock it in place.
   2. Setup the location of your roll so it will cut where you want it to.
   3. Turn the power on and pull the handle to cut your foil roll.

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Foil Roll Cutters

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