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GBC® Arctic® Removable Pressure Sensitive Mounting Adhesive Rolls (1 Roll)


If you want a name-brand mounting adhesive that can easily be removed, then Arctic® removable mount rolls by GBC® are a great choice. They offer a premium, opaque white vinyl carrier that helps your printed colors appear at full vibrancy. They are pressure sensitive and feature permanent adhesive on one side that is meant for your print or graphic, and removable adhesive on the other side for your mounting substrate. Great for short term applications, and even for outdoor graphics, when you need a removable application for a temporary promotion or display, GBC® Arctic® removable film is a popular solution. It can be used for wall displays, mounting boards, and even floor graphics. Use a brayer hand roller to help smooth the adhesive and create a professional finish, which is especially helpful for large prints. If you're ready to expand your display opportunities, buy GBC® Arctic® removable mounting adhesive online.

Product Name Price Qty
38" x 150' GBC® Arctic® Removable Mounting Adhesive (1 Roll) Item#80GBCARM38150
51" x 150' GBC® Arctic® Removable Mounting Adhesive (1 Roll) Item#80GBCARM51150

Arctic® Removable FAQs

Q: Is this a good option for floor graphics?
Yes, GBC® Arctic® removable adhesive is very popular for floor graphics and can be seen at shopping malls, in restaurants, and more.


Product Description


GBC® Arctic® removable mount adhesive features a white opaque vinyl carrier coated with a removable adhesive on one side and a permanent adhesive on the other. This opaque carrier helps block color, so your print is not washed out by the mounting surface, even when mounted to dark surfaces. The shield keeps your colors bright and as vibrant as possible. Both sides of the adhesive are pressure sensitive, also called cold adhesive, so they require no heat to activate the tack...simply peel off the liner and stick where desires. This unique mounting adhesive is designed for both indoor outdoor short-term applications where easy removal is ideal, such as for floor graphics and temporary wall displays. Pair with a brayer hand roller to achieve the smoothest, bubble-free finish, or simply use your hands. GBC® Arctic® removable mounting adhesive is a popular pairing with SurePrint® photobase and polyester media, as well as a variety of other medias.


Manufacturer GBC®
Manufacturer Part Number GBCARCREM GRP
Quantity 1 Roll
Color Clear
Product Type Adhesive Rolls
Core Size 3" Core
Adhesive Type Removable / Permanent

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