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Fastback® Composition LX Strips™ for Model 9 (Price per Case)


Fastback® LX Strips™ for Model 9
Fastback® LX Strips™ for Model 9
Fastback® LX Strip Bound Book

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Qty/Pack : Varies by Size

Packaged Quantities

Strip SizeCapacity*Qty / Box
Narrow 10-125 Sheets
[Up to 1/2" Thick]
500 Strips
Medium 10-250 Sheets
[Up to 1" Thick]
400 Strips


You can buy Powis Fastback® LX Strip™ binding strips online in several colors. Also called "composition strips", Fastback® LX Strips™ feature a leather-like composition finish that matches well with our composition covers (vinyl covers), adding a premium look. These unique tape binding strips are compatible with the Fastback® Model 9 binding machine and feature the same high-quality thermal adhesive technology as the other Fastback® strips from Powis. Tape binding strips are a popular solution for many applications, including presentations, product manuals, and mailers, as the spine does not add thickness to the bound materials. The easiest way to bind a book, just place the strip and book block into your Model 9 and press the bind button. In as few as 35 seconds, the process is done and you can move the book to the attached cooling rack. Fastback® LX Strips™ are 11" long for letter size pages, and come in two different widths: either narrow for 3-125 sheets (up to 1/2" thick stack), or medium for 126-250 sheets (about 1/2 to 1" thick stack). Narrow strips are packaged with 500 per case, and medium are packaged with 400.

Fastback® LX Strips™ for Model 9

Fastback® Composition LX Strips™ for Model 9 (Price per Case)






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