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Fastback® Composition LX Strips™ for Model 9 (Price per Case)


You can buy Powis Fastback® LX Strip™ binding strips online in several colors. Also called "composition strips", Fastback® LX Strips™ feature a leather-like composition finish that matches well with our composition covers (vinyl covers), adding a premium look. These unique tape binding strips are compatible with the Fastback® Model 9 binding machine and feature the same high-quality thermal adhesive technology as the other Fastback® strips from Powis. Tape binding strips are a popular solution for many applications, including presentations, product manuals, and mailers, as the spine does not add thickness to the bound materials. The easiest way to bind a book, just place the strip and book block into your Model 9 and press the bind button. In as few as 35 seconds, the process is done and you can move the book to the attached cooling rack. Fastback® LX Strips™ are 11" long for letter size pages, and come in two different widths: either narrow for 3-125 sheets (up to 1/2" thick stack), or medium for 126-250 sheets (about 1/2 to 1" thick stack). Narrow strips are packaged with 500 per case, and medium are packaged with 400.

Qty/Pack : Varies by Size

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LX Strips™ FAQs

Q: Do they work with the Model 20?
Powis LX Strips™ are meant to work with the Model 9 only, however, we do offer Super Strips™ and Image Blank™ strips for the Model 20 binding machine.


Packaged Quantities

Strip SizeCapacity*Qty / Box
Narrow 10-125 Sheets
[Up to 1/2" Thick]
500 Strips
Medium 10-250 Sheets
[Up to 1" Thick]
400 Strips

Product Description


Compatible with the Fastback® Model 9 binding machine, Fastback® LX Strips™ are available to buy online here in a variety of colors, including black, white, dark blue, bright blue, dark gray, dark green, maroon, or red. In addition to the color selection, you also have a choice of either a narrow or a medium width. Both options are 11" long for standard letter size books, however, the narrow width is built for between 3 and 125 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper (which amounts to about a 1/2" thick stack), while the medium width will bind between 126 and 250 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper (which amounts to between a 1/2" and 1" thick stack of sheets).

Tape binding strips are very popular for several reasons. For one, these particular LX Strips™ are also known as "composition strips" because they feature the same high-quality leather-like finish as our very popular composition / vinyl report covers. Most of the colors also match perfectly with our covers, so you can easily achieve a cohesive and clean look. In addition, tape strips for binding do not add any thickness do your book, as they lay nearly flush against your pages when they wrap around the spine. This flat look appeals to anyone looking to save space, whether by filing the books, placing them in boxes, such as for product manuals, or for mailing. They offer a similar look to perfect binding (soft cover binding) but are less expensive and allow the ability to customize your covers in-house on an as-needed basis and in very small quantities because you can pair them with any front and back cover of your choosing. For example, you could use a clear gloss cover on the front so that your first page is visible, with a black vinyl back cover that matches the color and texture of your spine for a streamlined appeal.

In addition to the customization of your covers, Fastback® LX Strips™ and the Fastback® Model 9 are extremely easy to use. All you have to do is fold the strip along the pre-scored line and place it into the Model 9 with the shorter side against the back. Then place your book pages, including covers, into the machine and tap the edges to ensure they are aligned and square. Then just press the green "bind" button to activate the adhesive and wrap your strip around the book block. In as little as 35 seconds, the binding process is complete, and you just need to move the book to the cooling rack on the back, where it should sit for around 3 minutes. This entire binding process is very fast; in fact, it is nearly 3 times faster than most other traditional binding methods. And it doesn't require any hassle with punching holes, or messy clean-up as with other glue bindings.

Just as with other Powis Parker products, the Fastback® LX Strip™ binding spines feature high-quality thermal adhesive technology that activated in your Model 9 binder. This adhesive ensures a smooth and strong hold, for perfect binding results. So if you are looking for a smooth book with the ability to customize the covers as needed, and need something fast and simple to use, buy Fastback® LX Strips™ for the Model 9 online at Binding101 today.

* Based on 20# bond copy paper. May vary depending on paper stock used.


Manufacturer Powis Parker
Manufacturer Part Number LXSTRIP CFG
Brand Name Fastback®
Model Fastback® LX Strip™
Quantity Varies by Size
Compatible Equipment Fastback® Model 9 Binding Machine
Binding Style Fastback® Thermal Tape Binding
Length 11"
Fastback Supply Type LX Strip
Strip Capacity Narrow: 3 - 125 Sheets* [Up to 1/2" Thick Book]
Medium: 126 - 250 Sheets* [1/2" to 1" Thick Book]
Compatible Sheet Size(s) Letter Size [8 ½" W x 11" H]
Shipping Weight (lbs) 5

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