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Enviro Blanket Restorer Formula

Item #: 26LICHMEBR

Enviro Blanket Restorer

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Qty/Pack : 1 Bottle


Enviro blanket restorer formula is an eco-friendly solution to other traditional chemical formulas on the market. Unlike other blanket restoring formulas, the enviro blanket restorer is free of harmful methylene chloride and ozone depleting chemicals. You can rest easy knowing that there is no harm being done to you, your staff, or the environment when you use Lithco's enviro blanket restorer.

Blanket restorer is used on press blankets to rejuvenate low spots or blemishes on the surface. To use, simply brush the restorer directly onto the imperfections on your blanket and wait for it to dry. Then take a damp sponge or cheese cloth and use it to apply a press wash, buffing the restoring formula off the blanket. You will then find that the rubber has been rejuvenated. It is recommended to test the blanket on your press with about 10 sheets to ensure that there are no blanket-caused imperfections on your print. If after using the restoring formula you find imperfections, this means that it is time to replace your printer's blanket.




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