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EBA Multicut Model 721 Replacement Blades

Item #: 05JYEBA42287-GRP

EBA Multicut Model 721 Replacement Blade

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EBA Multicut Model 721 Replacement Blade [Standard Inlay, 33.071" x 3.937" x 0.394", 6 Holes (M10)] Item#05JYEBA42287


If your EBA Multicut Model 721 cutting machine needs a replacement knife, then look no further. We offer EBA Multicut cutter replacement blades for this cutter in two different manufacturing blends. Option one is a standard inlay steel (INL) blade that is made of a 50/50 blend of high alloy steel and standard grade steel, which offers the ideal combination of both strength and price. Option two is a high speed steel replacement blades that is extremely wear-resistant, lasting an average of up to 5 times longer than conventional blades. They are manufactured of a bi-metallic composition with a 50/50 blend of standard grade steel and high speed steel, which includes 18% T1 German tungsten for incredible strength and accuracy. Both blades are premium Diamond Cut® replacement blades, which are built to exceed OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications. They measure 33.071" x 3.937" x 0.394" and have 6 M10 holes*.