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Adast MH80/5 & 1898-3 Replacement Blades

Item #: 05JYAM42150

Challenge 230H Replacement Blades + Knives

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Qty/Pack : 1 Piece


Replacing the knife on your Adast Maxima MH80/5, 1898-3, MM78 and MM80 cutters is very important to ensure you are always getting the cleanest and most accurate cut, without straining and wearing down the machine. You can feel comfortable ordering your Adast Maxima replacement blades online. These replacement paper cutter knives are standard inlay steel (INL), which means they are made of a bi-metallic composition consisting of one part high alloy tool steel and one part standard grade steel. A special fusion process bonds these two grades of steel together to produce a high quality knife at an economical price. High quality Diamond Cut® blades and are made to exceed OEM factory specifications when combined with our Blade Saver® cutting sticks, ensuring precision cuts. We offer a variety of blades not listed here, so please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.