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MBM Destroyit® 2604 Cross Cut Level 5 Large Office Shredder

Item #: 04MBM2604CC

Destroyit® 2604 Cross Cut Office Shredder
Automatic Oiler Feature [Oil Not Included]
ECC Capacity Control Feature
MBM Solid Steel Cutting Shafts with Lifetime Warranty
Destroyit® 2604 Paper Shredder Features
Destroyit® 2604 Key Features
Shredder Security Level Descriptions

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When you buy the MBM Destroyit® 2604 Cross Cut Office Shredder online, you are investing in a powerful and quiet shredding machine that can handle the daily document destroying needs of a large office. Perfect for being placed in a centralized location so your entire office can utalize added security, the 2604 shredder is rated at a security level 5 that creates tiny 3/32" x 5/8" waste, one of the highest levels available for corporate use. An automatic oiler is included with the machine that will automatically maintain the cutting shafts sharpness, so the hassle of of keeping track of when oiling is needed is eliminated. ECC capacity control prevents jams from waste bin overloading while an SPS safety package ensures every user will be safe from harm. Manufactured in Germany, the Destroyit® 2604 paper shredder is made of only the highest quality parts, including a hardened steel cutting shaft that is backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty. Quiet operation without compromising power makes the 2604 perfect for placement within an office environment. With a shredding speed of up to 16 sheets per minute*, the MBM Destroyit® 2604CC shredder can keep up with your office demands.

Destroyit® 2604 Cross Cut Office Shredder

MBM Destroyit® 2604 Cross Cut Level 5 Large Office Shredder





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