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Self-Adhesive Hook & Loop Strips (Price per Pack)


If you need hook and loop rolls for hanging foam boards, buy self-adhesive hook & loop strips online today. We offer a large selection of sizes from 5/8" wide up to 1" wide, all on 27 ½ yard long roll. Sticky back fasteners are on a roll, so you can cut them to any lengths you need. using any standard scissors or cutting tool. Very easy to apply, all you need to do it peel off the liner on the back and stick the hook and loop to opposite items. Many other hook and loop board hanging options are also available, including hook & loop dots and hook & loop squares.

We offer hooks and loops with two different adhesive backing options: rubber adhesive and acrylic adhesive. Rubber adhesive is considered general purpose, making it the most popular choice for temporary displays including exhibits, packaging, and more. Acrylic adhesive is a premium option that is stronger, allowing for a more sturdy hold that can withstand more temperature fluctuations and high-heat locations, such as under lighting. In addition to the adhesive, we also offer either full rolls of hook and loop fasteners that span the entire length of the roll, as well as pre-cut strips in popular sizes. When you buy a pack of hook and loop rolls you receive two rolls, one roll of hooks and one roll of loops.

Starting at: $22.99
Qty/Pack : 1 Roll Set [1 Roll of Hooks & 1 Roll of Loops]

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Hook+Loop Strip FAQs

Q: What size is the roll?
Rolls are 27 ½ yards long and available in your choice of width between 5/8" and 1". The pre-cut strips are 1" x 3" and come with 300 strips.


Q: Will these work outdoors?
The best option for outdoor use will be the acrylic adhesive rolls. This adhesive is built to withstand more severe temperatures.


Product Description


Self-adhesive hook and loop strips are a popular solution for foam board hanging, displays at county fairs, fashion, wrapping cords like a banding tool, crafting, and so much more. We offer a wide selection of hook and loop rolls in either black or white, several different sizes, and with either rubber-based or acrylic-based adhesive. The rubber-based adhesive offers a more easily removable bond for general purpose applications, while the acrylic adhesive provides a stronger hold for more difficult-to-stick-to surfaces and more permanent applications. Rolls are 27 ½ yards (or about 82 ½ feet) long, and come in several different widths including 5/8", 3/4", or 1". We also offer 1" x 3" pre-cut strips on a roll, which feature 300 strips total.

Using hook and loop for hanging photos and boards eliminates the need to drill holes and offers a removable solution, so no permanent damage is left behind. They are quick and easy to apply with a simple peel-and-stick adhesive backing. Just cut a strip off the roll in your desired length, peel off the liner on the back of either the hook or loop side and place it to your surface, then peel the liner off the opposite strip and place it onto your item to be hung. Attach the two by placing the hook side against the loop side and pressing down. The hook and loop system offers a strong hold that is also easily peeled apart.

If you need hook and loops, but don't want strips, consider our hook & loop dots or hook & loop squares as alternative options.


Manufacturer Halco USA
Quantity 1 Roll Set [1 Roll of Hooks & 1 Roll of Loops]
Product Type Board Hangers

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