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2 ½" Style A Hollow Drill Bits (Spinnit® Models)


Our high quality, "Style A" 2 ½" hollow drill bits come in select sizes to create holes with either 1/4" or 5/16" diameter. They are compatible with the Spinnit® FMMH 3.1 hydraulic paper drill and come either uncoated (standard) or coated (Teflon). The standard bits are meant for low volume usage, but the Teflon coated bits have a lubricated, low-friction, corrosion-resistant surface that reduces heat for medium and high volume users. This makes them easier to drill through materials, including leather, laminated and coated paper, and more. If you are ready top replace old and worn out bits, or if you want to offer more versatility with a different hole size for your FMMH 3.1 drilling machine, then buy the 2 ½" Style A hollow drill bits online. To keep your drill bit performing at it's peek, be sure to sharpen it for every one to four hours of use using an sharpening tool, such as the MS-1 precision drill bit sharpener.

Product Name Price Qty
2 ½" Style A Drill Bit [1/4" Hole, Standard] Item#05LWSDB1425
2 ½" Style A Drill Bit [1/4" Hole, Teflon Coated] Item#05LWSTD1425
2 ½" Style A Drill Bit [5/16" Hole, Standard] Item#05LWSDB51625
2 ½" Style A Drill Bit [5/16" Hole, Teflon Coated] Item#05LWSTD51625

Product Description


Add variety to your paper drill by purchasing multiple sizes of drill bits for your drilling machine or replace worn our bits. Available in hole sizes from 1/4" through 5/16", these paper drill bits are compatible with most Lassco Wizer Spinnit® FMMH 3.1 paper drilling machine. Our paper drill bits offer precise hole sizes for consistency and are able to punch through thick stacks of material, limiting the number of punches required. Choose from either standard drill bits or Fluoroplate® / Teflon coated bits. The standard drill bits are meant for low-volume drilling while the coated bits feature a lubricated low-friction surface that is wear and corrosion resistant and will slide easier through materials. These are used for medium to high-volume drilling.


Manufacturer Lassco Wizer
Manufacturer Part Number SPNTBITGRP
Brand Name Spinnit®
Quantity 1 Drill Bit
Compatible Equipment FMMH 3.1 Drill
Capacity 2 ½" Drilling Capacity
Capacity: Paper Drills 2 ½"
Product Weight (lbs) 1
Shipping Weight (lbs) 3

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