Mano Grommet Dies

Pair these Mano grommeting dies with your Mano manual grommet press machine. If you have the Mano hand grommet press and you want to expand the grommet size capabilities, then you will need a new setting die for each size. Mano dies are available in three sizes to set plastic grommets including #1 5/16" (8mm), #3 7/16" (12mm), and #4 1/2" (16mm). These dies are only compatible with the Mano hand press for use with Mano plastic grommets.

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  1. Dies for Mano Grommet Press and Plastic Grommets

    • Compatible Equipment: Mano Grommet Press for Plastic Grommets
    • Sizes: #1 5/16" (8mm), #3 7/16" (12mm), and #4 1/2" (16mm
    • Compatible Supplies & Accessories: Plastic Grommets for Mono Press (#1, #3, #4)
    • Quantity: 1 Die

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