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Letter Size Poly Binders (Case of 100)


Our letter size plastic ring binders are made of a poly material that is more durable than traditional vinyl binders, as it wont crack or tear, and can easily be cleaned if spilled on, without damaging the integrity of the binder. This makes them an ideal choice for schools, churches, and businesses where the ring binders are handled frequently. We offer a very large selection of colors to choose from, including tinted semi-translucent options, as well as a selection of ring sizes for different capacities. You can also choose the thickness of the poly material itself, selecting from thin and flexible 20 gauge, up to thick and rigid 55 gauge. Pair these letter size ring binders with index tabs and add sheet protectors to keep your inserts safe. When you buy letter size poly binders online, please note that they are sold in cases of 100 binders and are made-to-order, so have a standard production time of about 6 - 7 business days before shipping, and are non-returnable.

PRODUCTION TIME: 6-7 business days (made to order)
NOT RETURNABLE: All sales are final.

Starting at: $141.99
Qty/Pack : 100 Pieces

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Standard Poly Binder FAQs

Q: Can I buy smaller quantities than 100?
We manufacture our poly binders to-order because of the large variety of colors, ring sizes, and gauges available. Because these binders are made-to-order, we are unable to sell smaller quantities than 100 binders. Because of this, we can also offer competitive bulk pricing on our poly binders.


Q: What is the poly "gauge"?
Gauge is a term that refers to the thickness of the material itself. We offer thin and flexible options as well as thicker and more rigid options; take a look at the photo gallery to the left for a sample of our polyethylene (opaque colors) gauges compared with a pencil for scale. Polypropylene (tinted colors) gauges are slightly different, but look the same in photos.


Q: How does the gauge thickness compare to inches or mil measurements?
For mil, simply move the decimal point two spaces to the left. For the inch measurement, move it five spaces to the left. So, for example, a 23 gauge poly is equal to 0.23 mil or a 0.00023 inches.

Product Description

If you have been looking for a durable ring binder but haven't found what you need with traditional vinyl or flimsy plastic binders, look no further. Considered the best binders in the industry, our poly ring binders are able to handle very heavy handling without cracking or tearing. Extremely resilient, these binders can also withstand water and other liquids without damage; this ability to be wiped clean makes them a very popular solution for hospitals and doctors offices with clean rooms, as well as schools kids may spill on the binders. Standard poly binders are built for letter size sheets measuring 8 ½" wide and 11" high with enough room to allow for the extra width from index tab dividers. They are considered environmentally friendly binders as they contain up to 75% post consumer waste (PCW), lending to their popularity.

Choose from a huge selection of colors including more traditional black or white binders, as well as brighter red binders, yellow binders, or blue binders. All opaque colored binders (colors that are not see-through) are made of polyethylene, which is available in three different gauges including light weight 23 gauge, medium weight 35 gauge, and heavy weight 55 gauge. Check out our photo gallery above to see these three thicknesses as compared to a pencil for scale, and below for information on the different gauges and what applications and what kind of users they are best for. Our tinted colored binders (semi translucent) are made of polypropylene, which comes in either a light weight 20 gauge or a medium weight 30 gauge option. Depending on the tint chosen and the thickness, the translucency may vary. In addition to the variety of colors and material thicknesses, we also offer several popular ring sizes from as small as 1/2" up to 2" for most options.

20 gauge and 23 gauge plastic binders are made of a lightweight poly that is thin and flexible. They are most commonly purchased by schools, churches, and non-profit organizations with tight budget restrictions as an economical way to organize paperwork. If you need to save on costs, but still want a durable poly material, then the 20 gauge polypropylene and 23 gauge polyethylene binders may be a great choice. For a slightly thicker option, consider the 30 and 35 gauge poly binders. They are considered medium weight and offer similar flexibility to the thin plastic binders, but with added stability and rigidity, though they are still flexible. This middle-of-the-road thickness is the most popular choice by all our customers, as it offers the perfect blend of cost-efficiency and semi-rigidity. Some of our most frequent customers include nature groups and national park sites, travelling sales people for businesses of all kinds, and more. Lastly, the thickest poly that we offer is a 55 gauge and it is only very slightly flexible to the point where you can bend it a bit, but it cannot be folded or creased by hand. This rigid plastic binder option is great for businesses that will handle the paperwork often, including hospitals and medical offices, real estate facilities, large corporate companies, and more. 

Letter size poly binders are sold in lots of 100 binders and are made-to-order. They require about 6-7 business days for production plus transit time. Because they are made special, poly binder cannot be cancelled and are non-returnable. To request a sample before you order so you can see the color, thickness, and other features, please call (866) 537-2244.

Want to add custom printing to your poly binder? No problem! We offer binder printing, custom binder sizes, adhesive pockets, and much more. Visit our custom binder page for more information, or you can call a custom product specialist at (866)537-2244 to request a price quote.


Capacity Chart:

How to Measure a Ring Binder: For round ring binders, measure the inside of the ring diameter from one side to the other. Do not measure the spine.

  Ring Size     Binder Dimensions     Sheet Capacity*     Stack Capacity*  
  1/2" Round Ring     11 ⅝" H x 9 ¾" W Covers,  1" W Spine     110 Sheets     1/4" Thick  
  3/4" Round Ring     11 ⅝" H x 9 ¾" W Covers,  1 ⅛" W Spine     170 Sheets     7/16" Thick  
  1" Round Ring     11 ⅝" H x 10 ⅛" W Covers,  1 ⅜" W Spine     225 Sheets     5/8" Thick  
  1 ½" Round Ring     11 ⅝" H x 10 ⅝" W Covers,  2" W Spine     310 Sheets     1" Thick  
  2" Round Ring     11 ⅝" H x 11 ⅝" W Covers,  2 ½" W Spine     450 Sheets     1 ½" Thick  


* Approximation based on standard 20 lb. bond copy paper. May vary depending on paper stock.


Manufacturer Crawford Industries
Capacity Varies Depending on Size
View the Chart in the Product Description for Details
Quantity 100 Pieces
Type Ring Binders
Binder Type Poly / Plastic Binders
Sheet Size Letter Size [8 ½" W x 11" H]
Wide Enough for Index Tabs Yes
Number of Rings 3-Rings
Ring Spacing 4 ¼" Between Rings [Center to Center]
Ring Shape Round Ring
Clear Overlay Pockets None
Inner Pockets None
Boosters Yes
Rivets Exposed [Silver]
Binder Dimensions [Approximate] Varies Depending on Size
View the Chart in the Product Description for Details

User Reviews

Nice qualityReview by Jeff
Colonial blue 35 gauge plastic binders... the staff loves them, thank you. (Posted on 12/16/16)
GreatReview by Michelle
Really great, we love them (Posted on 12/1/16)
Durable, flexible, colorful... but high quantity minimumReview by Leslie
They sent me a couple samples for just $1 so I could see the thickness differences before buying a full case, and present them to the teachers. Personally I like the 55 gauge the best because it is significantly more sturdy than the 23 and 35, however, my school went with the 35 gauge option to keep within budget, which was still nice. I really love the variety of colors available (especially the tinted colors!). I just wish I was able to buy smaller batches (they have a 100 minimum) and maybe even a variety pack with different colors. (Posted on 3/18/16)

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