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Count iCrease Pro Creasing Machine


MBM iCrease PRO Creaser
MBM iCrease PRO Creaser Close-Up

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With the Count iCrease Pro, creasing paper at speeds up to 2,000 sheets per hour* has never been easier. This powerful electric creaser features a manual feed with automatic features including an intuitive prompting color touchscreen, the iCrease is easily setup and ready to be ran in just seconds. Several common fold types including half fold, tri-fold, z-fold, letter-fold, gate fold, double gate-fold, double parallel-fold and roll-fold are pre-programmed into the machine with no need to measure the sheet or make any manual adjustments. There are also automatic setups for perfect binding covers (soft cover books), no-hinge and more. Simply press the "start measuring" button and run your first page through. The machine will measure the paper for you and, if you are satisfied with the measurements, just press the "accept" and then the "run" button to begin the job. There is also a custom setup feature that lets you enter custom spacing for creasing up to 12 times on one sheet. Additional features including "batch", "total" and "test" modes makes keeping track of your jobs easy. The ease-of-use the iCrease offers lets you run short and medium jobs quickly, eliminating the hassle and pain associated with manual creasing. The iCrease Pro is so easy to use and requires little or no training, so anyone in the office or shop can use the machine.




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