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Wide Format Laminating Pouches (Box of 25)


Wide format laminating pouches are popular in the printing industry, as they work perfectly with large format prints. We offer sizes from 18 ½" x 24 ½" up to 37" x 49", some in either a traditional high gloss finish or a matte/gloss finish for a softer look. Because these large laminating pouches are low-temperature, they activate at just 160° - 200° F, so are a great alternative for heat-sensitive prints. They offer a clear look that enhances the print within, so are also a popular option for roll-up graphics, posters, wall art prints and much more, including ink jet media. They are 5 mil thick, which offers an ideal blend of durability and protection against the elements along with flexibility, making it easy to travel with and hang finished pieces. As with all lamination pouches, these wide format sleeves protect against liquid spills, rips and tears, as well as folds and bends. They can be used with any pouch laminator that can handle the size you have chosen. Ready to bring your large format prints to the next level with a premium look and durable sustainability? Buy wide format laminating pouches online.

Product Name Price Qty
18 ½" x 24 ½" Gloss Wide Format Pouches (25/Bx) Item#80XLLP5G185
18" x 24" Matte/Gloss Wide Format Pouches (25/Bx) Item#80XLLP5M185
25" x 37" Gloss Wide Format Pouches (25/Bx) Item#80XLLP5G25
25" x 37" Matte/Gloss Wide Format Pouches (25/Bx) Item#80XLLP5M25
37" x 49" Gloss Wide Format Pouches (25/Bx) Item#80XLLP5G37

Wide Format Laminating Pouch FAQs:

Q: Which side comes pre-sealed?
The shorter side is always the sealed edge


Packaged Quantities

Size Qty / Box
All Sizes 25 / Box

Product Description


Wide Format Laminating Pouches are Lo-Temperature, making them great for encapsulating prints of all types, including roll-up graphics, presentations, posters, and much more. The Low temperature adhesive activates at just 160° - 200° F and is safe for use with all ink jet media. Our wide format lamination pouches can be used with any heated pouch laminator that will accept the selected size. The 5 mil thickness is thin enough to allow for flexibility, but durable enough to protect your prints and posters from moisture, scratches and tears. Choose from three different finishes including gloss or matte/gloss.

Gloss Wide Format Pouches feature a clear gloss finish on both sides. This glossy sheen makes colors more vibrant and really pop. This traditional lamination pouch is our most popular option.

Matte Gloss Wide Format Pouchesfeature a clear gloss finish on one side and matte finish on the reverse side, providing a traditional and classic appearance that is desired by customers looking to wow their spectators. The matted side reduces glare and is great for harsh-lighting environments, such as trade shows. The glossy finish makes your colors and images pop.


Manufacturer Part Number WIFOPOUCH GRP
Quantity 25 Pouches
Product Type Laminating Pouches
Laminate Finish Choose from Gloss or Matte/Gloss
Laminate Thickness 5 Mil
Temperature Range 160° - 200° F [Low Temperature]
Adhesive Type Heat Activated
Shipping Weight (lbs) 80

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