41" x 61" White Heat Activated Foam Pouch Boards [Matte Laminate] (10/Bx) Item#80XLMBMW4161
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41" x 61" White Heat Activated Foam Pouch Boards [Matte Laminate] (10/Bx) Item#80XLMBMW4161

Item #: 80XLMBMW4161
Brand: Binding101
  • 3/16" thick foam board
  • Mount and laminate your prints in one simple step
  • Matte laminate offers a softer look than can help reduce glare
  • Laminate sheet is attached to one short side, so you can easily lift and insert your print.
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Combine the beautiful presentation of a foam board with soft matte lamination with these foam core pouch boards. These 3/16" mounting boards feature a matted laminate sheet attached to one side, that lets you mount and laminate your print in just one step. No longer do you have to first apply adhesive, then apply your print, then apply laminate -- do it all with one pass through your mounting-capable thermal roll laminating machine.
  • Board Type: Foam Core
  • Laminate Finish: Matte
  • Adhesive: Thermal
  • Colors: White or Black
  • Sizes: 25" x 37" through 41" x 61"
  • Thickness: 3/16"
  • Qty: 10 Boards / Box


Manufacturer Part Number PCHBRDTFM GRP
Quantity 10 Boards / Box
Compatible Equipment Select Roll Laminating Machines (Thermal, 3/16" Mounting-Capable)
Laminate Finish Matte
Adhesive Type Heat Activated
Board Type Foam Core
Board Thickness 3/16"


Pouch boards are one of our best-selling products in the laminating/mounting field. But what exactly is a pouch board? They are a convenient tool that essentially combines a mount board, a laminate pouch, and a mounting adhesive into one piece. These boards have a laminate sheet attached to one side, sealed to the short end of the board. Simply lift the laminate sheet to insert your print below, and then run the entire board through your compatible machine. While in your laminator, the adhesive below the print activates, along with the adhesive on the laminate itself, to mount and laminate in one step. Pouch mounting boards are a cost-effective solution that not only saves you money, but also a lot of time. Instead of adding adhesive to your boards (step one), then mounting your print to the adhesive (step 2), and then applying a laminate to the print (step 3), pouchboards get it all done in one run.

These particular pouch boards are made with foam core boards, which is the most popular (and affordable) center. They are sturdy 3/16" thick sheets with a smooth, clay coated surface that and surrounds a lightweight polystyrene center, offering a lightweight and rigid board. The adhesive on these boards is heat-activated, which means you will need a thermal laminating machine to use them. They are available in either black or white, and in sizes from small 9" x 11 ½" through large 41" x 61" sheets. The laminate is attached to one short end of one side of the board, and has a matte finish that offers a a softer look, helping to reduce glare and even look soft to the touch.

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