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Staplex® SJM-1N Little Giant Electric Stapler

Item #: SJM1N-GRP

The Staplex® SJM-1N Little Giant is an electric stapling machine that can handle as many as 20 sheets of standard 20 lb. bond copy paper at a time. It features an adjustable depth that lets you control how deep to set your staple into your sheet, up to as deep as 3". Equipped with a heavy duty motor, this electric office stapler can handle frequent daily stapling needs. When you buy the Staplex® SJM-1N Little Giant electric stapler online, you can choose from two different models: a standard model, or a footswitch activated model. The standard model has automatic activation when your page is pressed against the backstop, which makes for very fast and convenient use. The foot switch model gives you more control over when to staple, as you can use your foot or hand to press a pedal when you are ready to activate the stapler. As with all Staplex® staplers, the Little Giant stapler was made in the USA with all-metal components for a quality and heavy duty design. Compatible with the Staplex® type DS 1/4" high speed staples.

Product Name Price Qty
Staplex® SJM-1N Little Giant Electric Stapler Item#04STXSJM1N
Staplex® SJM-1N Little Giant Electric Stapler [Footswitch Activation] Item#04STXSJM1NFS

Product Description


The Staplex® SJM-1N Little Giant Electric Stapler can staple as many as 20 sheets (20# paper) at a time. An adjustable depth lets you staple as deep as 3" into your stack. Pop-out front loading makes refills fast. This Staplex stapler is power-packed to handle full-day work loads. 


  • Staples automatically when paper is inserted.

  • Hi-Low switch to select stapler power.

  • Fully adjustable depth to 3".

  • Pop-out front loading for fast refills.

  • Uses Staplex Type DS 1/4" High Speed Staples.

  • All-metal components & modular design.

  • Staplex international best-seller!

  • Made in the U.S.A.


Item # SJM1N-GRP
Manufacturer Staplex
Manufacturer Part Number SJM1NGRP
Binding Style Stapling
Operation: Binding Electric
Capacity 20 Sheets (20# paper)
Throat Depth Adjustable, Up to 3"
Product Weight (lbs) 9
Shipping Weight (lbs) 10

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