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Staplex® S-630NHL Triple Headed Electric Stapler

Item #: S630NHL-GRP

With the Staplex® S-630NHL, you will have the ability to staple three-at-a-time, consecutively, through as many as 40 sheets of copy paper at a time. This triple stapling action makes this office stapler uniquely specialized for offices and print shops that work with brochures, large prints, and much more. It will automatically staple when the paper is inserted, or can be purchased with an optional foot switch (not included) to offer more control over when the stapler is activated. The three stapling heads are individually adjustable, and can be set as close as 2" apart, or as far as 3 ¼" apart. You can also de-activate the center head, allowing for just two staples as far apart as 7 ¼". You can also single-staple, as each head can be individually disengaged. Buy the Staplex® S-630NHL tripe headed electric stapler online today.

Product Name Price Qty
Staplex® S-630NHL Triple Head Electric Stapler Item#04STXS630NHL
Staplex® S-630NFS Triple Head Electric Stapler [Protruding for Header Cards, Includes Footswitch & Backstop] Item#04STXS630NFS

Product Description


The Staplex® S-630NHL Automatic Triple Head Electric Stapler has the capability to automatically staple up to 40 sheets (20# paper, or equivalent) with three staples per pass. It now features "pop-out" easy front loading and is footswitch ready (optional accessory sold separately)! This Staplex Stapler has three staple heads that are individually adjustable getting three staples as close as 2" and as far as 3-1/4" apart, or two staples (using the outer heads only) as far as 7-1/4" apart. Each head can be disengaged. The protruding staple heads and special cut-aways allow for quick and easy positioning of materials. 


  • Automatically drives three staples at once - a Staplex® exclusive

  • Evenly spaced staples for each job

  • Excellent for reports, policies, header cards

  • Adjustable throat depth lets you set the staples as deep as 4-1/4" into your sheet

  • Independent ON/OFF switch for each stapling heads to operate also as a double or single head stapler

  • Space between staples adjustable from 2" to 3-3/4" (using all heads) or 7-1/4" (using only the outer heads)

  • All-metal heavy duty construction


Item # S630NHL-GRP
Manufacturer Staplex®
Manufacturer Part Number S630NHLGRP
Binding Style Stapling
Operation: Binding Electric
Capacity Up to 40 Sheets (20# Bond Paper)
Power Voltage 110-125 V, 50-60 Hz, AC
Dimensions 10" W 9-3/4" D x 8" H
Throat Depth Adjustable Up to 4-1/2" -- From 2" to 7-1/4" Between Staples (Using Outer Heads Only) -- From 2" to 3-3/4" (Using All Heads)
Product Weight (lbs) 29
Shipping Weight (lbs) 30

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