Staplex SJM-1N Little Giant Staples (Box of 25,000)
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Staplex SJM-1N Little Giant Staples (Box of 25,000)

  • Manufactured specifically for your Staplex S-630NHL and S-630NHLA triple-headed staplers.
  • Made of a durable metal.
  • Feature chisel points for smooth stapling, even though thicker stacks of materials.
  • Size: 1/4"
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Type DS 1/4" High Speed Staples [25,000 Staples] Item#05STXDSPK05STXDSPK


We offer type DS 1/4" high speed staples direct from the manufacturer that are compatible with the Staplex® SJM-1N Little Giant electric stapler. Because these staples were made specifically for select Staplex® staplers, you are assured a quality product that will help prevent jams and protect your stapler from the damage that other brands may cause. Buy Staplex® SJM-1N Little Giant Staples online today, and rest assured that you are buying the best staples available for your Little Giant stapler. Packaged with 25,000 staples per box.


Staples / Stitching WireStaples
Shipping Weight (lbs)5


When you buy these high speed staples online at Binding101, you are assured the highest quality staple that will guarantee perfect and smooth stapling with your Staplex® SJM-1N Little Giant stapler. Using off-name brand staples can cause more frequent staple jams that can damage your machine. But by using these staples that were specifically manufactured for the Little Giant stapler, you can prevent this hassle, and any potential damage it may cause, protecting your equipment investment.

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