Spiral Coil Binding for Print Shops

If your print and copy shop uses spiral coil binding (also called plastic coil binding), then take a look at the selection of coil binding products below. We understand that as a distributor and manufacturer, variety is key; so you can offer your customers everything possible, so are more likely to gain their business as no matter what they need, you have. For that reason, we have a large selection of coil binding supplies and coil binding machines listed below. This full range of popular plastic spiral coils and machines means that whether you are a small family-owned shop, or a large corporate-level print company, we have what you need. With great pricing, great service, and a huge variety of products, Binding101 can be your one-stop shop for all of your print shop's spiral book and coil document binding supply needs.

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Spiral Coil Binding for Print Shops

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  1. Spiral Binding Coil Pre-Punched Paper (Case of 5,000)

    • Sheet Size: 8-1/2" x 11" [Letter Size]
    • Holes: Choose 43-hole or 44-Hole (round or oval)
    • Paper Stock: 20 lb. bond
    • Qty: 5,000 Sheets/Case

    Starting at: $95.59

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  2. Cutting & Crimping Pliers For Spiral Binding Coil

    • Cuts and crimps coil sizes from 6mm to 50mm
    • Designed to cut & crimp plastic spiral binding coil elements with one quick squeeze of your hand
    • Inexpensive and easy way to finish your coil bound books
    • Quantity: 1


  3. Akiles RubiCoil Spiral Binding Machine

    • Capability to punch up to 10 sheets of paper (20#) at a time
    • 11" Punching Width
    • Features a binding slot on the inserting table, which aids in the manual inserting of the spiral binding coi
    • Can punch through paper and covers of many kinds, including pvc and plastic covers sheets


  4. Akiles CoilMac M Plus Manual Spiral Binding Machine

    • Upgraded version of the extremely popular CoilMac-M
    • Oval holes make for easy coil inserting
    • 100% disengageable pins (53 total)
    • Punching Capacity: 17 Sheets


  5. Akiles CoilMac M Standard Manual Spiral Binding Machine

    • Operation: Manual
    • Punching Capacity: 17 Sheets
    • Open Ended Punch: Yes
    • Disengageable Pins: Yes, 5 Pins


  6. Rhin-O-Tuff Coil Binding System 3000

    • 20 Sheet Punching Capacity
    • Binding Capacity: Up to 2" (Electric) or 440 Sheets (20lb. Bond)
    • Features 47 fully disengageable pins
    • Open Ended Punch


  7. Akiles CoilMac ER Series Spiral Binding Machines

    • Choose from 2 models: CoilMac-ER (Round Holes) and CoilMac-ER Plus (Oval Holes)
    • Punch Capacity: 20 Sheets
    • Disengageable Pins: Yes [CoilMac-ER has 5, CoilMac-ER+ has 44 (all)]
    • Operation: Manual Punch & Electric Bind

    Starting at: $437.00

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    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    CoilMac ER Spiral Binding Machine [Round Holes] Item#04AKCOILMACER04AKCOILMACER
    CoilMac ER Plus Spiral Binding Machine [Oval Holes] Item#04AKCOILMAERO04AKCOILMAERO
  8. RI-700 14" Electric Spiral Coil Inserter (Discontinued)

    • Affordable and simple way to increase your coil binding production.
    • Having the coil inserter separate from the coil binding punch allows two operators to speed up the process.
    • Great for Childrens books, Sales Presentations, Marketing Plans, Training Documentations, Owners Manuals, and Cook Books.
    • Fit for any Bank and Accountant, Print and Copy Shop, Engineers and Architects, Brokerage Services, University and College, and Law Firm and Attorney.


  9. Akiles Roll-@-Coil Plastic Spiral Binding Coil Inserter

    • Fast and efficient electric coil inserting machine that will speed up the process of binding, as compared with manually rolling the coils in.
    • Use it with spiral coils from 6mm to 30mm.
    • Operating: Electric
    • Binding Capacity: 230 Sheets


  10. Akiles CoilMac EPI Plus Electric Punch & Electric Coil Inserter

    • Punching Capacity: 25 Sheets
    • Maximum Binding Edge: 13" [with Open-Ended Punch]
    • Disengageable Pins: Yes [All 53]
    • Pitch / Hole Pattern: Spiral Binding 4:1 (.248) Oval Holes


  11. Akiles CoilMac EX Plus Electric Spiral Binding Machine

    • Punching Capacity: 25 Sheets
    • Maximum Binding Edge: 13" [With Open Throat]
    • Open Ended Punch: Yes [Allows for Up to 26" Binding Edge]
    • Disengageable Pins: Yes, Fully Disengageable Pins [44 Pins]


  12. Rhin-O-Tuff ONYX HD4170 Electric "Rhin-O-Roll" Coil Inserter Module

    • Features two 12" dual powered rollers.
    • Lower roller is adjustable allowing you to set it for different coil sizes, making inserting extremely easy, accurate and efficient.
    • Can be used as a stand-alone coil inserter for assembly-line use.
    • Includes free crimper pliers and a built-in storage holder.


  13. Akiles Finish-@-Coil E1 Electric Spiral Binding Coil Inserter & Electric Crimper

    • Easiest-to-use spiral binding finisher that you can find on the market today.
    • Providing the maximum productivity & best results while requiring minimum efforts from the operator.
    • Operating: Electric
    • Compatible Supplies & Accessories: 4:1 Pitch Spiral Binding Coils


  14. Akiles CoilMac ECI Plus Manual Punch & Electric Coil Inserter

    • Punching Capacity: 20 Sheets
    • Maximum Binding Edge: 13" [with Open-Ended Punch]
    • Disengageable Pins: Yes, 53 Fully Disengageable Punching Pins
    • Pitch / Hole Pattern: Spiral Binding 4:1 (.248) Oval Holes


  15. Akiles CoilMac ECI Standard Manual Punch & Electric Coil Inserter

    • Punching Capacity: 20 Sheets
    • Maximum Binding Edge: 13" [with Open-Ended Punch]
    • Disengageable Pins: Yes [5 Pins]
    • Pitch / Hole Pattern: Spiral Binding 4:1 (.250) Round Holes


  16. Akiles Crimp-@-Coil Two Sided Electric Spiral Binding Crimper

    • It works with a full range of spiral coil sizes, and will quickly and easily crimp all coils sizes from 6mm through 50mm.
    • Operation: Electric
    • Speed: 54 Cycles / Minute
    • Maximum Binding Edge: 1 Side Crimping: No limit, 2 Side Crimping: 18"


  17. James Burn CB30QS Automatic Coil Inserter & Crimper

    • Speed: Up to 600 Books per Hour
    • Compatible Coils: 8 to 20 mm Plastic Coils
    • Paper Size: 5" to 12" Binding Edge, or 5" to 17" Binding Edge (Depending on Model)
    • Choose from 12" or 17" models

    Starting at: $24,999.00

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    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    James Burn CB30QS 12" Automatic Coil Inserter Item#04JBCB30QS04JBCB30QS
    James Burn CB30QS 17" Automatic Coil Inserter Item#04JBCB30QS1704JBCB30QS17
  18. James Burn EB Series Electric Wire Closer

    • Electric wire closing eliminates hassle and creates consistent, perfectly round wires
    • Choose from 14" EB3500 and 19.5" EB5000 models
    • Increase efficiency of your bindery or print shop
    • Simple Setup & Operation - Turn the knob to set the wire size you need to close, and just turn it again whenever you need to change sizes. Place the document with wire onto the closing table and between the clamps, and press the foot pedal to activate.

    Starting at: $3,900.00

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    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    James Burn EB3500 14" Electric Wire Closer Item#04JBEB350004JBEB3500
    James Burn EB5000 19 ½" Electric Wire Closer Item#04JBEB500004JBEB5000
  19. James Burn DocuPunch MINI Automatic Punch

    • Clean, perfect holes for finishing
    • Pick thickness of 0.4 mm (20 lb. bond to 110 lb. index stocks)
    • Speed: Up to 10,800 Sheets per Hour (45 Cycles / Minute)
    • Maximum Punching Thickness: 0.4 mm


  20. Custom Spiral Binding Plastic Coils

    • Wide selection of customization opportunities for spiral binding coils.
    • Made of a durable and flexible plastic.
    • Can be ordered in nearly any length, which can eliminate the hassle and waste normally associated with cutting to size.
    • Minimum Order Requirement: 100 Coils.
  21. Akiles CoilMac EPI Standard Electric Punch & Electric Coil Inserter

    • Punching Capacity: 25 Sheets
    • Maximum Binding Edge: 13"
    • Disengageable Pins: Yes, All [24 Pins]
    • Pitch / Hole Pattern: Spiral Binding 4:1 (.250) Round Holes


  22. James Burn EX610DA Double Action High Speed Automatic Punch [with High Pile Stacker] Discontinued

    • Operation (Punching): Electric
    • Setup Time: 15-20 Minutes, Depending on Operator
    • Die Change Time: Less than 2 Minutes
    • Speed: Up to 125,000 Sheets per Hour
  23. James Burn Alpha-Doc® MK4 Automatic Punch Machine

    • Feed Table Capacity: 8 Reams (20 lb. Bond Paper)
    • Speed: Up to 94,200 Sheets per Hour
    • Maximum Punching Thickness: 1 mm
    • Castors: Yes; Lockable


  24. James Burn DocuPunch® PLUS Automatic Punch

    • Running speeds of up to 76,500 sheets per hour with clean, perfect holes for finishing
    • Three adjustable cycle speeds, including 50, 60, and 75 cycles per minute
    • Feed Table Capacity: 5 Reams (20 lb. Bond Paper)
    • Pick Thickness: Adjustable from 0.4 to 1.0 mm


  25. James Burn Koilmatic Automatic Coil Inserter & Crimper

    • Paper Size: 8 1/2", 11", A5, & A4 Binding Edges
    • Maximum Book Thickness: Up to 5/8" Thick
    • Speed: Up to 450 Books per Hour
    • Setup Time: Less than 5 Minutes


25 Items

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