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Spiral Binding Plastic Coils (Special 12" Long, 5:1 Pitch) (Box of 100)


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Although not as popular as our standard 4:1 pitch coil bindings, these 5:1 pitch spiral binding plastic coils feature a more tightly-spaced coil that goes into book pages that have been punched with five holes per inch. This unique spiral coil hole pattern is great for print shops or binderies that already have the specialty binding equipment, or for those who are looking for an even tighter bound look for your books. Just like normal plastic coil bindings, these special 5:1 pitch coils are made of the same flexible and durable plastic that is meant to withstand heavy use and bounce-back to its original shape. More common in the print industry than anywhere else, you can buy 5:1 spiral binding plastic coils online in either black or white, and in sizes from 6mm to 20mm. All sizes are packaged with 100 coils per box.

Starting at: $5.99
Qty/Pack : 100 Coils / Box

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How to Choose Spiral Binding Coil Size | Coil Sheet Capacity

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5:1 Spiral Coil FAQs:

Q: Who uses 5:1 Pitch Coils?
5:1 pitch spiral coils are primarily used in Europe, however, is also used in print shops and binderies who prefer the look of the closer-spaced holes and have the proper binding machine to accomplish the punching.


Q: Do you have more sizes?
5:1 pitch spiral coils are only available in select sizes up to 20mm. Call us at (866) 537-2244 if you need something else, or heck out our special order coils page.

Product Description

Our special 5:1 pitch spiral binding coils offer a tighter, more condensed look. Although not nearly as common as our standard 4:1 pitch coils, some printers and binderies prefer these more tightly wound plastic coil binders, and may have the specialized equipment for them. 5:1 binding coils are typically ran through smaller holes, so inserting can be more difficult, and the closer spacing may limit the capabilities. These special spaced spiral coils are still flexible and very durable, and come in several sizes from 6mm to 20mm in either white or black. 

  Coil Diameter     Sheet Capacity*     Stack Capacity*     Coils / Box  
  6mm     5 - 35 Sheets      1/4"     100 Coils  
  7mm     36 - 47 Sheets     9/32"     100 Coils  
  8mm     48 - 60 Sheets     5/16"     100 Coils  
  9mm     61 - 70 Sheets     23/64"     100 Coils  
  10mm     71 - 80 Sheets     3/8"     100 Coils  
  11mm     81 - 90 Sheets     7/16"     100 Coils  
  12mm     91 - 100 Sheets     1/2"     100 Coils  
  13mm     101 - 110 Sheets     17/32"     100 Coils  
  14mm     111 - 120 Sheets     9/16"     100 Coils  
  15mm     121 - 130  Sheets     19/32"     100 Coils  
  16mm     131 - 140 Sheets     5/8"     100 Coils  
  18mm     151 - 160 Sheets     23/32"     100 Coils  
  20mm     161 - 170 Sheets     3/4"     100 Coils  

* Approximation based on standard 20 lb. bond copy paper. May vary depending on paper stock. Stack capacity is based on a loose-book including covers. To measure the thickness lay your full book on a table and let it lay loose (do not press down) and measure the thickness.


Manufacturer Buy101
Manufacturer Part Number SPIRALBINDING1251 CFG
Quantity 100 Coils / Box
Capacity Varies Depending on Size
View the Chart in the Product Description for Details
Sheet Capacity Varies Depending on Size
View the Chart in the Product Description for Details
Recommended Book Thickness Varies Depending on Size
View the Chart in the Product Description for Details
Binding Style Spiral Binding / Plastic Coil
Maximum Binding Edge 11"
Length 12" Long
Pitch / Hole Pattern Spiral Binding 5:1

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