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Soft Touch Laminating Film (Box of 2)


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Soft touch thermal laminating film, also called "karess matte pet", is a unique premium lamination film that is so smooth to the touch, it is described as being as soft as a rose petal. But don't let the softness fool you, this durable lamination film is also scuff-resistant, glueable and stampable, making it very versatile and ideal for premium applications requiring extra protection, but with a more appealing look. This combination of strength and softness makes soft touch film a popular choice for anyone looking to enhance their prints and impress their clients. You can buy soft touch laminating film online in either 12", 18" or 25" wide rolls and in either 1.7 mil, 3 mil or 5 mil thicknesses. These  laminating rolls are packaged with two per box. The 1" core makes them compatible with a large variety of thermal roll laminators.

Product Name Price Qty
Soft Touch Laminating Film [1.7 Mil, 12" x 500'] (2/Bx) Item#18BSTPET12PI
Soft Touch Laminating Film [1.7 Mil, 18" x 500'] (2/Bx) Item#18BSTPET18PI
Soft Touch Laminating Film [1.7 Mil, 25" x 500'] (2/Bx) Item#18BSTPET25PI
Soft Touch Laminating Film [3 Mil, 12" x 250'] (2/Bx) Item#19BSTPET12PI
Soft Touch Laminating Film [3 Mil, 18" x 250'] (2/Bx) Item#19BSTPET18PI
Soft Touch Laminating Film [3 Mil, 25" x 250'] (2/Bx) Item#19BSTPET25PI
Soft Touch Laminating Film [5 Mil, 12" x 200'] (2/Bx) Item#20BSTPET12PI
Soft Touch Laminating Film [5 Mil, 18" x 200'] (2/Bx) Item#20BSTPET18PI
Soft Touch Laminating Film [5 Mil, 25" x 200'] (2/Bx) Item#20BSTPET25PI

Soft Touch Laminate FAQs:

Q: Do they work with heat shoe laminators?
Soft touch thermal laminate is only recommended for heated roller laminators, because it can grip the heat shoe and diminish the finish of the film. It may work, but may not produce the highest quality finish, so is not recommended.


Q: Do you have different core sizes?
1" core is the only stocked size, however, we can special-make 2 ¼" and 3" cores. Call (866)537-2244 for a quote.

Product Description

Soft touch laminating film features a unique finish that is as smooth to the touch as a rose petal. This premium lamination film combines softness with strength, and is scuff-resistant and durable. Available in three different mil thicknesses to meet your needs, this ultra-matte laminate will protect and enhance your prints and packaging products. Sometimes called the sensual laminate, this film finish has customers raving. Soft touch laminate provides a vivid color clarity that surpasses that of any standard matte laminating film. Soft touch laminate is a "PET" film that is meant for two-sided lamination applications. This thermal laminating film works well with a huge variety of roll laminating machines.

The soft touch film unique properties aren't limited to the fantastic feel; it is also scuff resistant, glueable, stampable and will take spot UV coatings for that unique look of gloss highlights on a matte finish. Some popular uses include: folding cartons, book covers, business cards, post cards, menus or any print project that will be touched or handled.


Manufacturer Nobelus™
Manufacturer Part Number SOFTTOUCH GRP
Quantity 2 Rolls / Box
Product Type Laminating Rolls [Hot]
Film Type PET [Polyester]
Laminate Finish Soft Touch [Karess Matte]
Core Size 1" Core
Adhesive Type Heat Activated
Shipping Weight (lbs) 25

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