Air Packaging Machines and Supplies

Proper packaging is an essential if you have a business that ships to your customers; it is the first impression your client gets when they open the box. If there is a lot of empty space without proper void fill protection, the first impression is negative. Plus, you run the risk of your item being damaged during transit, which can lead to costly returns and replacements, as well as risk your relationship with that client.

Protect your products, and leave a good impression with your customers by investing in an air packaging system. They are affordable, fast, and can make a huge difference on your costs by preventing damage and showing your customers that you care.

Using an air cushion machine with roll film can also save you a ton of storage space, as you only fill up the cushions as you need them. Standard bubble wrap that is pre-filled, which takes up much more space. On average, one roll of air cushion film will package the same amount of products as ten large rolls of bubble wrap, all packaged in a small, convenient box. Air cushions are also incredibly lightweight, so they don't add noticeable shipping cost increases, which you and your customers will thank you for.

Don't risk harming your relationship with your customer and potentially preventing future orders with a damaged product due to poor packaging. Use an air packaging machine instead, and secure your and your client's investment quickly and easily. Email or call us at (866) 537-2244 for help choosing the best air packager machine or supplies for your individual needs.

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Air Packaging
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