Banding Supplies

Get the best banding supplies you need for your packaging and material handling needs at Binding101. These cohesive banding strips are compatible with our various banding machines, and can hold together stacks of materials of many kinds. Banding strips are a sustainable and affordable way to bundle items for handling, transport, and storage. This method of material handling / packaging is most often used for bundling paper, cloth, and other media. These strip rolls are made of exceptionally strong paper, and available in white, kraft brown, or even clear options. They compress your sheets and hold them in a tight, neat stack.

Some of the most notable benefits of banding include that they are fast to apply, easy to remove, let you wrap large stacks of materials, and won't damage your fragile edges and corners. With a banding machine and the proper banding strips, you can quickly and easily wrap together various media or items without hassle. Get all of the banding supplies you need here at Binding101 today, and call us at (866) 537-2244 if you need help choosing the best solution for your individual needs.

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Banding Supplies

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  1. UP-240 Banding Strips (40 Rolls / Box)

    • Compatible with the UP-240 desktop banding machine
    • Choose from brown or white kraft paper
    • Roll size: 1.2" wide and 500' long
    • Qty: 40 Rolls / Case

    Starting at: $469.95

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  2. Excel TZ-888 Banding Tapes

    • Use for Excel TZ-888 Banding Machine.
    • 500 feet long.
    • 1" (30mm) wide.
    • Quantity: 1

    Starting at: $422.79

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  3. Pro Bander Cohesive Banding Strips (Price per Box)

    • Work perfectly with the Pro Bander banding press.
    • Made of a white 60# bond paper that features an adhesive which automatically seals when paired with the Pro Bander.
    • Perfect for wrapping your thicker stacks up to 12".
    • Quantity: 2,000 Pre-Cut Strips / Box

    Starting at: $61.59

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4 Items

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