Banding Machines

A banding machine, also called a strapping kit or paper bander, wraps materials with a strip of paper or plastic, holding items together to make them easier to handle, transport, and store. This method of material handling / packaging is most often used for bundling paper, cloth, and other media. It is a sustainable and affordable way to strap a stack of items together. Also called bundling or paper taping, banding is done with a long strip of sturdy paper that is wrapped and sealed around your stack using a special paper banding machine. These machines vary in their type and ability, machine can be a handheld press, or an electric or more automated solution. Paper banding creates a visible stripe of color across your material, so can also serve as additional marketing with a printed banding strip (sometimes called a belly band). Depending on the size of your stack to bundle, you may want to add a single banded strip, a double, or more.

With a banding machine and paper banding strips, you can quickly discover a faster and easier way to package your products with a simple strip. Some of the most notable benefits of banding include that they are fast to apply, easy to remove, let you wrap large stacks of materials, and won't damage your fragile edges and corners. They are often used for bundling magazines, brochures, business cards, mailers, and other marketing materials.

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Banding Machines

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  1. Pro Bander Banding Press Machine

    • 12" Stack Capacity
    • Pair with convenient self-sealing cohesive banding strips
    • Fast, efficient, professional
    • Heavy duty cast iron bander


    Buy Now, Pay Later with financing options from $46/mo.Learn More >

  2. Graphic Whizard SP Bander Banding Machine and Accessories

    • 20 pieces per minute
    • Minimum 1.2″ wide x 0.4″ high (3.04cm x 1.01cm)
    • Maximum 18″ wide x 7.9″ high (45.72cm x 20.06cm)
    • Available in either paper or poly rolls
    • Free Shipping $75+
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  3. Excel TZ-888 Banding Machine

    • Easy to start up, operate, and maintain.
    • Lightweight, compact design.
    • Up to 25 bands per minute.
    • Tape Accepted: 500 ft rolls of paper or plastic


    Buy Now, Pay Later with financing options from $459/mo.Learn More >

  4. Preferred Pack TZ-889 Automatic Banding Machine

    • Automatic via photo sensor, manual via foot pedal, manual via push-button.
    • Works with 500' and 2000' long banding rolls.
    • Works with paper and plastic banding rolls, strips up to 1" / 30mm.
    • In automatic mode, most users can band at speeds of 25 bundles per minute (1,500 pieces per hour).


    Buy Now, Pay Later with financing options from $477/mo.Learn More >

  5. Duplo UP-240 Desktop Automatic Banding Machine

    • Banding Speed: About 24 Bundles / Minute
    • Max. Banding Roll: 9.5" W x 7" H
    • Tape Roll Core Diameter: 1.57"
    • Tape Roll Outer Diameter: Up to 7.3"


    Buy Now, Pay Later with financing options from $544/mo.Learn More >

5 Items

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