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Paper Shredders + Shredding Machines | Binding101

Recent events have made shredding confidential information a necessity for all businesses and individuals. Documents found in the trash are not legally protected so they’re fair game to thieves. This explains the rapid increase in identity theft and industrial espionage. New security laws require that confidential medical information and consumer credit information must be properly destroyed before the information is discarded. The best way to destroy this information is by using a paper shredder or media shredder. Available in strip cut and cross cut formats, as well as in a variety of security levels, Binding101 has the perfect paper shredding machine for you whether you are an individual or a corporation. We have access to all of the biggest and best brands so you can find exactly what you need. We even have CD shredders, hard drive degaussers, and cardboard shredders to turn old boxes into recycled packing material. Don't forget your shredder supplies. Shredder oil will keep your media or document shredding machine running quiet and at optimum performance while extending the life of the cutting shaft. Shredder bags and boxes will fit perfectly in your shredders making waste disposal a breeze.