Cutter Accessories for College & University Paper Cutters

At Binding101 we offer cutter accessories including cutting mats that protect your work surface and jogging blocks that help you achieve a perfectly square stack before cutting, for a properly-finished edge. They pair perfectly with your electric paper cutters and make paper cutting easier for your operator, whelther you are cutting flyers for students, office paperwork, or anything else.

A jogging block is an essential tool for cutting machines, allowing you to create a perfectly square stack of paper before cutting, so your finished pages are perfectly straight as well. Choose from either plastic or wooden materials, depending on your preference as well as the size of your cutter.

Perfect for your university print room, these cutting mats are self-healing and will protect your work table, as well as the blades of your cutters. They are made of a unique material that actually mends itself from minor cuts, so they last a long time and don't need replacing often. Cutter mats come in many sizes from small 8 ½" x 11" up to huge 4 foot x 8 foot mats, as well as several colors, including translucent. Don’t risk permanently damaging your work surface or cutter blade when the solution is so simple; buy a self healing cutting mat online today.

We accept POs from schools and colleges, so you can submit your PO and pay on Net 30 terms. It's simple: just email a copy of your formal purchase order with a valid PO number to or fax it to (800) 440-8669, and include the best email contact where the invoice should be sent for payment.

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Cutter Accessories for College & University Paper Cutters
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