Small Office Laminators & Supplies

A laminating machine can do several things to help an can be used to encapsulate specific paperwork, then punched, and bound in a ring binder or other binding method. It can be used to create signs throughout the office to inform staff of important procedures and emergency information. It can be used in the front office or in your retail shop for promoting of products or special offers. Basically any document that needs to be saved and used or displayed for an extended period of time -- a laminator is the fast and simple way to do it.

Look...we understand that you can drop by a hobby store and pick up a little pouch laminator for under $100...but the reality of these machines is that they are the most basic machines available, with limited or no adjustable functionality, and limited capacity. They are simply not made for office-quality or office-level use. You can also outsource your lamination to a local print shop, but they can charge upwards of $4 per sheet, depending on the size and lamination chosen. But with our selection of the best small office laminators, you have the ability to adjust the speed and the temperature, as well as the capacity to accept the full range of laminating pouch thicknesses, without running the risk of damaging your machine. And you can eliminate the high cost-per-piece and instead, make one investment that will pay for itself quickly with an incredibly low lamination price. They are office-level machines and built with these users in mind (rather than the crafter, as the machines you would find at an art store).

A professional laminator will also provide a better finished piece. Your laminated item will be smooth, bubble free, and crystal-clear for a perfect picture of the printing beneath it. And if it not perfect the first time, you have the adjustable settings to tailor it to each specific job you need to laminate. And why settle for less when the best is so affordable?

In addition to our pouch laminating machines, we also carry a full range of laminating supplies, including premium-quality lamination pouches, magnetic laminating pouches, adhesive back pouches (perfect for signs), and more. And when we say "premium quality" we want you to know that we mean it; in fact, our measurement of laminating pouches is actually of each side of the pouch, so a 5 mil laminating sheet is 5 mil on each side, making a 10 mil overall. But if you compare our prices to other supplies that sell a 5 mil pouch, you will see that our pricing is competitive and, in fact, often times it is even lower.

The selection of lamination machines and supplies listed here are perfect for the small office user and their team. We limit the items available, because we don't want you to have to sort through machines that won't do the job, or that are way more intricate than you need, or through pouches that are not in the common sizes used by an office. Basically, we wanted to do that work for you, and provide you with a list of only the best office lamination equipment and supplies.

Don't see exactly what you need, or maybe you're looking for a roll laminator instead? Click here to shop our full selection of laminating machines and supplies, or call our experts at (866) 537-2244 for one-on-one care and support to guide you to the best office laminator for your specific needs.

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Small Office Laminators & Supplies
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