Staplers for Small Business

Find the best office staplers for your small business at Binding101. Affordable, high-quality desktop staplers make for a quick and simple job.

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Staplers for Small Business
  1. Machine Type Flat Clinch Stapling
  2. Capacity: Staples / Stitching Wire 15 Sheets
  3. Capacity: Staples / Stitching Wire 20 Sheets
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Machine Type  
Operation: Binding  
Capacity: Staples / Stitching Wire  

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  1. Max USA HD-3DF Flat Clinch Stapler

    • Clean Flat Clinch Stapling Finish
    • Ultra Light Touch Closing Action
    • Capacity: 2 to 75 Sheets (20# Bond Paper)
    • Compatible Equipment: MAX No.3 Staples (No.3-10 & No.3-1M)


  2. Rapid 5080e Electric Flat Clinch Stapler

    • Great for large stapling jobs from 2 to 80 sheets thick.
    • Unique 5,000 staple cassette.
    • Includes a driver blade and all wearing parts as well as staples.
    • Throat Depth: 1.12" to 2"

2 Items

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