Small Office Paper Shredders

Don't risk your personal and business security with improper destruction of paperwork when the solution is simple and affordable (especially considering the alternative) with a small office paper shredder. These office-level shredding machines are perfect for up to several users a day, and can help you truly destroy sensitive paperwork, providing added security for your business. Office shredders are an essential piece of equipment for every office that values security, confidentiality, and privacy -- and shouldn't that be every business?!

The limited selection we have listed here means you don't have to sort through hundreds of options to figure out what will work best; all of these shredder are perfect for the small office environment that may need to shred daily or several times a day, with about 2-7 users. All of them are a cross-cut shredders, with creates cuts both vertically and horizontally across your sheet to truly turn your paper into confetti.

We know that many small offices choose the route of a mobile shredding service; you know, those large trucks that come to your office and take your paper wastes to shred. Unfortunately, though, the majority of these shredder trucks are working with a low-security shredding machine, which allows for the very high capacity of paperwork that they destroy daily. You are also introducing more users and handlers of that sensitive information, leaving what happens to the documents completely out of your control. Take security for your company into your own hands by investing in a professional paper shredder for your entire small office.

Whether you are a small medical practice that needs a way to confidently destroy confidential patient paperwork, or an office that needs to trust your employee forms are properly destroyed, or a small CPA, law, or tax office that handles incredibly sensitive information several times a day -- a small businesses paper shredder can give you peace of mind that a shred service (or worse, the haphazard recycling/throwing away of paperwork without destroying it) simply cannot match.

Need something smaller for your home business? Or perhaps looking for something larger for a centralized location at corporate? Click here to shop our entire selection of paper shredding machines and use the "suggested user" and other filters on the left to make the selection tailored to you. We are also here to help you! Please call our experts at (866) 537-2244 for one-on-one care and help choosing the best paper shredder for your specific needs.

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Small Office Paper Shredders
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