Lassco Cornerounder CR-50P Dies & Accessories
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Lassco Cornerounder CR-50P Dies & Accessories

Brand: Lassco Wizer
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  • Compatible with Lassco CR-50P Corner Rounding Machine
  • Sizes from 1/16" to 1-1/2"
  • Made of hardened steel for crisp, clean edges
  • OEM Manufacturer-direct for assured quality
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Product Name Item Number Price Qty
3/16" Cornerounder® Die Item#04LWCU316 04LWCU316
5/32" Cornerounder® Die Item#04LWCU532 04LWCU532
3/8" Cornerounder® Die Item#04LWCU38 04LWCU38
1" Cornerounder® Die Item#04LWCU1 04LWCU1
1/2" Cornerounder® Die Item#04LWCU12 04LWCU12
1 ½" Cornerounder® Die Item#04LWCU112 04LWCU112
3/32" Cornerounder® Die Item#04LWCU332 04LWCU332
1/8" Cornerounder® Die Item#04LWCU18 04LWCU18
5/16" Cornerounder® Die Item#04LWCU516 04LWCU516
1/4" Cornerounder® Die Item#04LWCU14 04LWCU14
1/16" Cornerounder® Die Item#04LWCU116 04LWCU116
3/4" Cornerounder® Die Item#04LWCU34 04LWCU34


These replacement corner cutting dies are compatible with the Lassco Cornerounder® CR-50P electric floor standing corner rounder. They come in a large variety of sizes including small, tight corners measuring 1/16", up to wide rounded corners measuring 1 ½" radius. All of our corner rounding dies are factory-direct and made of a durable hardened steel, offering the highest quality.


Item # CR50P-GRP
Manufacturer Lassco Wizer
Capacity* 1/2" Cutting Capacity** [Sizes 1/16" to 5/8"]
1/8" Cutting Capacity** [Sizes 3/4" to 1 ½"]
Quantity 1 Piece
Compatible Equipment Lassco Cornerounder® CR-50P Electric Floor Standing Corner Rounder
Product Type Dies & Knives
Shipping Weight (lbs) 1


Lassco Cornerounder® CR-50P Dies & Accessories

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Frequent Asked Questions

Can the corner rounding dies be re-sharpened?
Asked by Customer

Yes. Sharpening of your corner rounding dies will give them new life, improving the cut quality and accuracy. We do recommend also buying a new die at the same time that you have your die sharpened so that your production never has to stop, and you have a back-up. Call us at {{block class="Ktpl\Selfmodification\Block\ConfigValue" template="Magento_Theme::page/phonenumber.phtml"}} for a die sharpening quote.

Answer by Binding101

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