Paper Cutter Knives for the Print Industry

Buy paper cutter knives online from Binding101 and receive the highest quality blades on the market, at low prices -- the most bang for your buck and the best value replacement blades on the market. Perfect to pair with your print shop cutting machines, these cutter knives are Diamond Cut® and made to actually outlast traditional original equipment manufacturer blades. This means you pay less than the brand-name price, but get a higher quality product that will last you many years longer. Don't let cheap imitation cutter blades create rough or off-square finishes, harming your brand image and potentially loosing you clients...not when new replacement cutter blades are readily available for any paper cutter on the market on Binding101.

Select the brand-name of your cutter below to see the variety of options available. In addition to the blades listed, we also offer even more, including custom-made blades, if needed. We offer the best cutter blades, available in several different grades of steel including standard inlay, high speed steel, and more to fit your exact specifications.

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  1. Price $300 - $400
  2. Size 37.795 x 4.213 x 0.381
  3. Size 37.795 x 5.512 x 0.394
  4. Size 37.811 x 4.189 x 0.378
  5. Size 21.45 x 2.756 x 0.236
  6. Size 24.5 x 4 x 0.375
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  1. Adast Replacement Blades 1 item
  2. Baumfolder Replacement Blades 1 item
  3. Polar Heidelberg Replacement Blades 1 item
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