Kolbus Replacement Blades

Keep your premium Kolbus cutter performing at its peak with a brand new replacement blade. Using a dull paper cutter knife can create inaccurate and rough edges on your materials, but it doesn't just affect the quality of your finished product; it can actually also cause undue wear to your machine and contribute to premature breakdowns or repairs. Don't risk your quality output, your customer's trust, or your expensive machinery -- use a new cutting blade instead.

But not all replacement blades are created equal. Our blades outlast even the manufacturer direct blade alternatives by as much as 5x as long, and create a more accurate and smoother cut throughout their entire lifespan. This is due to our unique manufacturing process and our top of the line equipment that involve actually using diamonds, creating our premium DiamondCut® replacement blades. Plus our blades are less expensive that the others because we believe in providing our customers with high value products that they can afford. Some paper cutter knives are available in different grades of steel, so you can choose the best option for your volume, media, and budget.

With our Kolbus cutter Diamond Cut replacement knives that are longer lasting, higher quality, and less expensive than the alternatives...why go elsewhere? Just choose the cutter model you have from the list below to see the blades available. Make sure to check the specs to compare the size, any possible holes or slots, etc. with your current knife. Once matched with your current blade, you can rest easy knowing you are getting a blade that will last longer without compromising the cut quality. If you don't see the Kolbus cutter model that you have, or if you are looking for a special-order custom blade, please call us at (866) 537-2244 for a quote; we have many more blades than we list online, as well as the ability to custom-make a knife to your exact specifications.

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Kolbus Replacement Blades
  1. Compatible Cutters Kolbus Model HD 100
  2. Compatible Cutters Kolbus Model HD 151
  3. Compatible Cutters Kolbus Model HD 49
  4. Compatible Cutters Challenge 193H
  5. Compatible Cutters Challenge 3-Knife
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  1. Kolbus Model HD49, HD100, HD140MDS, HD150, HD151, & MD55 Replacement Blades

    • Blade Type: High Speed Steel Blades (HSS)
    • Compatible Equipment: Kolbus HD 49, HD 100, HD 140MDS, HD 150, HD 151, and MD 55 three-knife cutters
    • Blade Material: 50% High Speed Steel (18% Tungsten) / 50% Standard Grade Steel
    • Exceeds OEM factory specifications and officially Diamond Cut® for extreme precision and longevity
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