Jogging Blocks for Print Shops

We offer paper jogging blocks in either hard plastic or wood materials, as well as in several different lengths and heights, so you can find one to fit perfectly with your paper cutter. Jogger blocks are used to help job your stacks of paper up against the back gauge or guide to help products a perfectly square stack before you cut. They are also used to move stacks of paper across the work surface, making it easier to handle the especially thick stacks. Create perfect 90° angles for a clean finish with our paper jogger blocks.

Plastic jogging blocks are the more popular option. They are manufactured with a Kimoplastic™ material that is know as one of the strongest plastics in the industry. The base of the jogging aid features a magnet, making it easy to glide across your table surface and make sure that even the very bottom sheet is jogged with the bulk of the stack. The centered handle and backing make it easy for any operator to use these blocks. They come in a large selection if lengths from 8" to 26", as well as heights from 3" to 6".

Wooden jogging blocks feature a full-length rounded handle for easy mobility for both left and right handed users that makes it easy to create a perfectly square stack. They are made of solid wood with no metal or screws for incredibly durability. Wood jogger blocks come in two select sizes, either 2 ⅞" x 12" or 3 ⅝" x 12".

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Jogging Blocks for Print Shops

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  1. Wooden Jogging Blocks (Various Sizes)

    • Used with cutting machines to align paper properly before being cut.
    • Solid wood design.
    • Rounded, horizontal handle.
    • Feature no screws or metal parts.

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2 Items

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