Static & Dust Control for Print Shops

Static and dust control is important in the printing industry, and is needed to not only keep your machines dust-free and running smoothly, but to also make a clean and professionally-finished item for your customer. Static is a hassle to deal with, but with these static eliminating tools, it is not an issue. Or use the dust off spray canisters and particulate removers to keep things clean. Whatever your static control and dust control needs, you can find what you need below.

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Static & Dust Control for Print Shops

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  1. 12 Yard Static Eliminating Solid Copper Tinsel Coils (2 Pack)

    • Economical way to eliminate static electricity from your equipment.
    • Solid copper core and bristles attract static electricity and safely ground it.
    • Size: 1" x 12 Yards
    • Quantity: 2 Rolls


  2. Dust Off® Junior Compressed Gas Duster Can [3 ½ oz.]

    • The original compressed gas duster.
    • Disposable and features a trigger-style engagement.
    • Handy, compact, and easy to carry and store.
    • Best choice for applications such as cameras, lenses, enlargers, computers, scanners, fax machines, copiers, and much more.


  3. Dust Off® Image Care Kit

    • Keep your home and office equipment free of dust, lint and smudges.
    • Can be used with any computers, scanners, printers, and other pieces of miscellaneous office equipment.
    • Kit includes all of the necessities for cleaning and maintenance.
    • Part Number: 26LIDOFDMDW


3 Items

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