Static & Dust Control for Print Shops

Static and dust control is important in the printing industry, and is needed to not only keep your machines dust-free and running smoothly, but to also make a clean and professionally-finished item for your customer. Static is a hassle to deal with, but with these static eliminating tools, it is not an issue. Or use the dust off spray canisters and particulate removers to keep things clean. Whatever your static control and dust control needs, you can find what you need below.

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Static & Dust Control for Print Shops

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  1. Particulate Cleaner Roller with Tacky PCR Pad (2 Sizes)

    • Effectively traps and removes dust, lint, and dirt from vacuum frames, contact boards, film, plates, proofs, inkjet prints, camera backs, and more.
    • Used for a variety of applications, including before laminating to ensure a perfect bond, in sign making to clean surfaces before applying lettering or screening, and more.
    • Made with a proprietary elastomer roller that will not scratch any substrate.
    • Features a ball-burnished aluminum frame and a rubber handle for a comfortable and firm grip.

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    6" Particulate Cleaner Roller with Tacky PCR Pad Item#26MISPCR626MISPCR6
    12" Particulate Cleaner Roller with Tacky PCR Pad Item#26MISPCR1226MISPCR12
  2. Dust Off® Classic Compressed Gas Duster Can [10 oz.]

    • The original compressed gas duster.
    • Features a chrome nozzle and can be refilled on demand.
    • Best choice for applications such as cameras, lenses, enlargers, computers, scanners, fax machines, copiers, and much more.
    • Quantity: 1 Can

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  3. The One That Works™ Best Air Purifier for Hair, Nail, & Beauty Salons, & Print Shops

    • Ideal for Hair, Nail, and Beauty Salons, as well as Print Shops
    • Effective at eliminating particles as small as 1 micron including chemical fumes, dust, smoke, spray powder, and more
    • 2 Speed Operation with 400 or 600 CFM
    • Room Size: 1,000 sq ft


  4. Dust Control Rollers (12 Pack)

    • Roll away dust and particulate contaminants from any surface.
    • Useful on vacuum-frame bladders, including on both sides of the pin board.
    • Size: 4" x 30'
    • Quantity: 1 Handle, 12 Rolls


  5. Dust Off® Image Care Kit

    • Keep your home and office equipment free of dust, lint and smudges.
    • Can be used with any computers, scanners, printers, and other pieces of miscellaneous office equipment.
    • Kit includes all of the necessities for cleaning and maintenance.
    • Part Number: 26LIDOFDMDW


5 Items

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